LOOK: Pasig River Warriors clean up over 30,000 kilos of garbage!

The Pasig River Warriors had a thorough clean-up where they collected over 1,000 sacks of garbage. The garbage consisted of mainly single-use plastics and household items weighing beyond 30,000 kgs.

On a Facebook post by the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC), they shared that they began their continuous clean-up since July 8 and it went on for two weeks straight.

In the post which contains before and after pictures, PRRC Executive Director Goitia shared that: “BASECO is at the corner of the Pasig River and Manila Bay. It is a critical area for rehabilitation since it is situated near Manila Bay’s sea wall and its community is susceptible to the effects of flooding and storm surges caused by typhoons or heavy rains.”

Due to Manila Bay’s strong current, the massive waste from humans ends up in mangrove sites, according to the PRRC River Warriors.

Aside from a routine clean-up and monitoring, net traps along the mangrove nursery have been set up by the PRRC River Warriors in order to lessen the solid waste that floats towards it.

“This is the reason why together and in partnership with Senator Cynthia Villar, non-government organizations, and inter-agency partners, we are planting mangroves which serve as buffer zones to protect our people and the environment from potential threats of calamities and natural disasters,” Goitia added.

According to the post, photos are from PRRC River Warrior Dexter Opiana.

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