[DRAFT] Here’s Why Artists Should Not Be Undervalued

Words and illustration by Andrea Sangco


Even with the endless technological advancements and innovation driven by sciences and businesses, I argue that the world is still in dire need of artistic souls that play imperative roles in our society. Nothing would be the same without artists. They serve as creators of imaginative bridges that champion the essence of humanity through art. Through their craft, artists are important mediators and healers who tap into any range of emotion, history, and hopeful vision that resonate with everyone to enlighten, mobilize, and even unveil unbearable truths.

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Artists, in their creative language, translate feelings and emotions into things that are more than meets the eye. They empower people through messages of hope and optimism whether in the personal or global level. They are there to unearth and resonate with our real selves that we might have denied and forgotten along with time. They articulate the deepest emotions, the most hidden desires, and most memorable experiences of ordinary people who are lost in their realities through all forms of art.

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Artists also document both the triumphs and defeats of mankind by crafting relevant and historically insightful art pieces that remain impactful to thousands of generations.They can effectively envision and project truths and universal messages that can enlighten even the illiterate and incapable. They mediate and intervene to trigger empathy and understanding as a way to motivate us in doing everything in the best of our capabilities to make our society a better place for everyone.

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Art exists for various reasons through many forms. To kill boredom and distract ourselves, we turned to watch films and bunches of series that came from the efforts of filmmakers. We tuned in to music and poetry just so we can find the right words that perfectly encapsulate how we feel. Theater art subsists to tackle issues by tapping first on our emotions and then impart the message needed to be heard. Therapies are there for those who needed healing.

Aside from creative blocks and burnouts, being an artist is difficult because artists are often undervalued. However, being an artist should be viewed as equally important along other fields of profession. If you know someone artsy and passionate about the arts, do everything in your capabilities to support their craft. Ask for commissions, buy their work, share their creative content, watch their performance, complement them, and if you can, provide them constructive criticisms so they can hone their art skills more. These may be little ways to encourage them to create more but it will mean a lot to them. 

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Artists and creators should not be underestimated and dismissed through false and often negative stereotypes. They are necessary change-makers who put forth the problematic truths of our societies before our eyes, offer refuge and sense of comfort for those who are voiceless and unable to understand themselves, and establishes bonds of empathy and enlightenment founded on the universality of being human in both the abundance and adversities in life. Art has so much to offer, the same reason why we should appreciate and support those who try to pursue it.