Doughnut Philippines: The Only Bag You’ll Need on Your Next Adventure


This 2019, I promised myself to say YES to as many new adventures as possible. One adventure I have loved so far was my visit to Clark, Pampanga with Doughnut Philippines. We went to test our strength and courage by hiking on Mount Balakbak and trekking to Haduan Falls.

The minute we arrived at Green Canyon Leisure Farm, I knew that I was in for a fun break from my usual busy days in Manila. The leisure farm is situated in a secluded part of Pampanga, just a few meters away from Mt. Balakbak’s starting point. Once we settled into our room, I got to learn more about my travel buddy for the trip: A DOUGHNUT BAG, which is made with purpose, function, and fashion in mind.


I personally love backpacks. I use my trusted backpacks anywhere and everywhere I go. I even use them as an office bag. However, the biggest problem that I face when I use my backpacks is that they seem to give up on me easily. Plus, I hate how bulky they look. I usually can’t carry all of my essentials in one go because I end up looking like a grade schooler carrying her books.

Another problem that I usually face is that I always need to switch my bag whenever I’m go to different places. I have a backpack for work, a backpack for adventures, and another one for the beach. It’s stressful to keep switching because I end up forgetting some of the things that I need.


Thank goodness I finally got a Doughnut Bag: the regular Macaroon in Khaki x Army. At first, I was quite hesitant to bring this on our hiking trip because I was afraid it would give up on me, too. After all, I had to bring a lot of stuff on our hiking and trekking trip.

I woke up at 3:45AM in order to make it to our 4:30AM call time. I am not a morning person and I usually hate carrying things in the morning, so I was really surprised that the backpack didn’t feel heavy that morning despite having a stainless steel water tumbler in it. I was actually comfortable carrying it all the way up the summit of the mountain.


Throughout the entire hike, I didn’t encounter any problems with the backpack at all. I was so confident going up the mountain even if I was so tired from the steep slopes that I had to climb. Aside from that, I was really impressed by how easily dust just slid off of the bag, as well.


After Mt. Balakbak, we got ourselves ready for our trip to Haduan Falls. Once I saw the obstacle we were about to face on our way to Haduan Falls, I got a bit worried. Despite being prepared to get wet, I was worried that my bag would get soaking wet during the trek since we had to pass by rocky streams and rivers on the way to the main falls.

By the time it was over, though, I realized that my Doughnut bag was actually sturdier and more durable than me. While I stumbled and fell down a lot, my bag survived to do its work. This is when I found out that the bag is actually 100% water resistant. Imagine going up and down of rocky forests, crossing rivers and literally climbing rocks for my dear life yet not one single thing inside my bag got wet or destroyed. Even my beloved camera was safely tucked inside — safe and dry.


Once we got to Haduan Falls, I was confident enough to put my bag down on of the rocks without worrying about it getting wet at all. I just enjoyed myself while swimming in the refreshing water of the falls.


Aside from the durability and weather-resistance, Doughnut bags also give functionality like no other. This is the only bag so far that satisfies my mild OCD. It has different compartments for my belongings, making it easier for me to organize my things.


The bag is also very safe as the zippers and pouches are strategically placed. My favorite feature, though, is how fashionable and practical it is to the point that I don’t need to use other bags for other occasions or adventures. Whether I’m going to work, to the mall, or on my next adventure; there’s no need for me to look for another bag. My Doughnut has got me covered. Get yours now to see what I’m talking about.

Doughnut Philippines

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