We Found a Minimalist Bag That is Perfect for Heavy Packers

Whether it’s just going to the mall or going to school, I tend to bring a lot of things with me. The problem with that is that my bags tend to look bulky and my stuff gets all jumbled up. Luckily, I discovered a brand called Doughnut that has exactly what I need.

Doughnut has a backpack called Modish and, as the name implies, it looks very trendy—the type of bag that goes well with most outfits. However, Modish isn’t just visually appealing; it’s also very useful for people like me. You won’t have a hard time bringing a lot of things with you because it has a lot of compartments to store your things in: two external pockets and two internal pockets.

Doughnut 4

Aside from extra storage, I use the external pockets for items that need easy access like umbrellas, pens, and keys. It lessens the hassle of opening your bag in instances when you might need them right away, like when it rains. It won’t completely open, either. It still has a Snap-On button to keep your things secure.

Doughnut 8

The internal pockets are where you can put other important things. The bigger one has two small pouches and a laptop compartment inside. I appreciate this a lot because it can fit my 15” laptop and I can neatly place other accessories in the pouches without them twisting up. No matter how heavy your stuff may be, the bag is extremely durable and won’t look too full thanks to its lightweight structure.

Doughnut 3

It is interesting to note that Modish can actually double as a tote bag and a backpack. Its shoulder strap can be hidden, so you’re free to carry it ay your convenience.

You can also order their Macaroon Large Cordura if you’re more of an outdoorsy person. It’s practically the same, but built with stronger and more durable Cordura Fabric, a technology designed to make the product resistant to damage like abrasions, tears, and scuffs. And, instead of external pockets, it has a side zipper with lock and water bottle compartments.

Doughnut 1

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Doughnut has a variety of collections, so finding the perfect bag for you won’t be a problem. Just browse through their website and you can order online or at any of their physical stores.


Website: https://www.doughnutphilippines.com/

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