10 Must-Visit Cafes And Restaurants in Pampanga

Pampanga isn’t called the culinary capital of the Philippines for no reason. It must be because of the Kapampangans’ innate culinary skills, or perhaps their intent to always make you feel home whenever you visit Pampanga. The quest for the best restaurants never ends, but let us give you a rundown of our Top 10 Must-Visit Cafes And Restaurants in Pampanga.

Be ready to tickle your taste buds and get your cravings a full satisfaction through this festive gastronomic experience. It’s hard to identify the cream of the crop, so we let you be the judge once you try them!

10. Amo Yamie Crib


One of the factors that convince us to dine in a restaurant is the comfort of the place and the food aesthetic. Make your Instagram feed happy with AYC’s quirky interiors and beautifully styled frappes, waffles, and cakes.

Must-try: Their fairytale-themed shakes like A-Reese in Wonderland and Once Upon Nutella

Amo Yamie copy

Photo from Amo Yamie’s Facebook

Amo Yamie Crib

Sto. Entierro St., Angeles City, Pampanga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Amo-Yamie-Crib-Coffee-Shop-Movie-House/1424754687766687


9. Koko Buri


This highly recommended restaurant in Clark boasts of their international cuisine, which is one sure way to keep your tummies well satisfied. Each dish they serve is given the “Koko Buri” twist that will make you come back for more, especially their signature Crunchy Garlic Chicken.

Must try: Crunch Garlic Chicken, Nagasaki Champon


Koko Buri

Berthaphil 3, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kokoburi.Restaurant/

8. Teaspoon Cafe

wim watermark2

Counted are the cafes with good-looking interiors and exceptional food at the same time. In the roster is this quaint little cafe that’s picturesque in every corner. Not only that; their menu of cakes, shakes, and meals is quite impressive mainly because of their own spin incorporated in each serving.

Must-try: Pinoy Chillers, Nutty Velvet Cake

Teaspoon Cafe copy

Photo from Teaspoon Cafe’s Facebook

Teaspoon Cafe

Fil-Am Friendship Highway, Cutcut, Angeles City, Pampanga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/teaspooncafeph/

7.  Chef Liam’s Kitchen

Chef Liam 2

Chef Liam is not really after the garnish and how “stylish” the food will look. It’s how the taste of his cooking will leave a mark and make you crave more. Chef Liam’s Kitchen offers a fusion of international dishes which have made him prominent in town.

Must-try: Malaysian Laksa, Adobong Sugpo sa Taba ng Talangka


Chef Liam’s Kitchen

Era Zone Bldg, Kalahi Business Park, San Fernando, Pampanga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Chef-Liams-Kitchen-359376284222743/

6. Bif’s Smoke and Grill


The home of the mouth-watering badass burger is BIF’s Smoke & Grill. A humongous 10 inches, 2 lbs burger served with golden fries awaits your growling tummies. It is stuffed with U.S Angus beef and drizzled with the specially formulated sauce that makes the taste like no other else. Items in their menu have massive servings, so it is a best reco for your barkada. See a previous feature of BIF’s Smoke and Grill here.

Must-try: Bad Burger, Smoke BBQ Pork Ribs Slab


BIF’s Smoke and Grill

The Quad at Nepo, Angeles City, Pampanga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BIFs-Smoke-Grill-134870963354755/


5. Where’s Marcel

Wheres Marcel Lobby

Where’s Marcel delivers a fresh and exciting experience that stays true to its Melbourne roots. They have their bestselling S’mores, chewy bite-sized delights that come in three flavors: dark chocolate, vanilla, and matcha. Where’s Marcel also has cakes like the multi-colored chiffon Clown Cake and other pastries like their Almond Fudge Brownies.

Must-try: S’mores

Wheres Marcel Smores

Where’s Marcel

MacArthur Highway, Dolores City, San Fernando, Pampanga
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wheresmarcelph/

4. Spanglish


Tex-Mex is something the Filipino taste has strongly adapted to. Spanglish Restaurant in Clark is ahead of the game with its own enticing recipes served in awesome plating and generous amount of ingredients. It doesn’t taste anything like the usual Mexican food, but much better with the chef’s personal twist. Aiming to brighten up mom and dad’s smiles? Take them to Spanglish and we’re sure they will have a new favorite restaurant on their list!

Must-try: Steak Quesadillas, Chicken Fajitas, Triple Thick Milkshakes

Spanglish copy

Photo from Spanglish’s Facebook

Spanglish Restaurant

Pavilion Mall, M.A Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/spanglishph/

3. Urban Table Bistro

urban table 3

Chocolate Binagoongan, Spam Frittata, Dirty Friesall seem to sound a bit unfamiliar, but isn’t the curiosity convincing enough to try these? Quite a new in the line-up of Kapampangan eats, Urban Table has been making a name in magazines and TV shows, making it an ultimate Kapampangan pride to watch out for.

Must-try: Crispy Chicharones, Yema Brulee, Malunggay Double Apple

Urban Table Bistro

Photo from Urban Table Bistro’s Facebook

Urban Table Bistro

Greenfields Square, Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/urbantablebistro/

2. Green Kitchen


A healthy menu is always a foodie’s best friend, and a restaurant’s best weapon. The food at Green Kitchen is something you will never find anywhere else in town, like their salmon topped with crunchy bread crumbs and trickled with mozzarella cheese. The price won’t disappoint too, so if you are planning on a date with your special someone or a catch up sesh with your friends, you shall not miss Green Kitchen.

Must try: Thai Crunch Salad, Chicken Fajitas, Baked Crusted Salmon


Green Kitchen

Waltermart, San Agustin, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/greenkitchenph/

1. Amare by Chef Chris


We’re talking about the unprecedented kitchen standout Rollizza. With versions coming out from different restaurants, there’s nothing like the original. I’ve tried this a several times and, still, the taste is extraordinary. Chef Chris Locher is truly a master for his outstanding culinary skills and signature dishes that will make your fine dining experience even more fine.

Must try: Rollizza Luciano, Penne Liguria


Amare by Chef Chris

Royce Hotel, M.A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga|
Facebook: www.facebook.com/amarebychefchris/

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Just like in Manila, there’s never a shortage of good restaurants in Pampanga. We hope you took note of our list and try them out when you head north because, when in Pampanga, the great food will not only welcome you, but also leave you that distinct Kapampangan taste that will make you constantly crave more.

The food in these restaurants is best paired with Pepsi, a crisp, smooth, and refreshing drink that’s perfect for road trips!