Dog almost dies of heatstroke after going out for a walk

Do you remember that time that a dog was left outside and tied to a car on one of Manila’s hottest days?

Well, recently the DOH also had an advisory on heatstroke reminds us to keep safe in the heat, and that includes keeping an eye on our little furry friends from the overwhelming heat.

Finlay, an American Bulldog, was going out for a walk with his owner around a local park in Glasgow, as shared by Lad Bible.

The three-legged Bulldog faced exhaustion from the heat while he was strolling. Shona McLaren, Finlay’s owner was suddenly concerned about the condition of her one-year-old pup.

She shared: “I always bring water for Finlay to drink and keep his walks short. On this occasion, some children starting playing with him and he ran around for a few minutes. His breathing became more laboured.

He sat down and didn’t want to move.”

“Then he collapsed completely and his eyes became glassy and his tongue started to turn blue. I’ve never been more scared in my life,” the 38-year-old continued. After the incident, the dog was rushed to the nearest Pet Hospital.

Vet Terri Steel shares: “While any dog can suffer heatstroke, certain dogs are more at risk. Flat-faced breeds such as bulldogs, pugs, and Shih Tzus are more likely to experience heatstroke as they can’t cool down as effectively through panting, compared to dogs with a longer nose.

“Obese dogs, those with very thick coats, dogs that are dressed up, very young pets, and those with breathing problems are also all at higher risk.”

She went on to share that obese dogs, dressed-up dogs or very young pups with breathing problems have the highest risk and when your dog experiences panting or snorting it should be a cause for concern. The vet compared panting and snorting a fight for survival.

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