Digital Video Production Workshop at the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging

When In Manila and you have an inch to learn more about video production, video editing, photo editing or other computer related workshops, then the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) is the perfect place to go!

The Philippine Center for Creative Imaging or PCCI, is the premier training hub for the country’s growing pool of digital artists and photographers. It conducts intensive, hands-on workshops in graphics software and their real-world applications. PCCI is an Adobe Authorized Training Center, Apple Authorized Training Center, Corel Training Partner, Canon Digital Learning Center, Wacom Autorized Training Center and CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+). Need I say more?

Digital Video Production Workshop: a 2-day workshop by Dale Custodio

The workshop I attended took place last May 12-13 at PCCI in Makati. There were 9 of us in the class handled by TV director Dale Custodio.



The classroom set up was very conducive for learning. The professor is seated in the middle while the class is seated around him. Also, there are limited slots so you’re sure to get you’re money’s worth when you enroll!

Sir Dale was really good and he handled the class very casually. He often told jokes and was open to answer any question we had to ask (with a few jokes before answering of course! haha). He also had to adjust his lesson plan depending on the students knowledge on the subject – which I think was really good. This way, no one would get left behind! So don’t worry if you don’t know much and you’re classmate is a pro, the teachers at PCCI will try their best to adjust the lesson to make sure everyone gets the most out of the workshop!



PCCI manual

I’m not sure about other classes, but most classes, including ours provide manuals / additional notes to ensure that all topics are covered, especially those that aren’t discussed due to lack of time. Our manual compiled by our teacher himself. Moreover, ALL STUDENTS are entitled to a FREE refresher course afterward! So if in a few months you forget what you learned, you can always come back for FREE! Cool huh?

The first day of our Digital Video Workshop was all lessons and video watching! We were taught the basics for video productions such as camera angles, shots and movements! We also watched a couple of videos, one being the 2003 French Academy Award Nominee “I’ll take the next one” where we observed the different components in creating the video.

Such a beautiful film don’t you think? And after analyzing it, it made me realize how the simplest things and every single factor contributed to making it this way. It’s not just the cast… it’s EVERY single thing. Camera, lights, angles! They come to life!!!

“After this class, you will never enjoy another movie again.” Why? Well because we’d be so busy observing the different components like lights, sounds, angles, continuity and more! I have to agree! Though I still get lost in most movies and shows, there are moments when I find myself wondering what “style” was used or where the camera was placed! It’s fun actually! haha





PCCI believes that learning by doing is the fastest and most effective way to acquire new skills! Hence, we were given some homework and also tasked to create our own short film. Though I’m pretty sure some of the “tips and styles” taught were already being implemented in the past, we became more conscious and aware of what we were doing NOW.

I really learned a lot during the workshop and was please of how “casual” it all was. I wasn’t pressured, nor did I get “bored” as if I were really in school! (heehee) I enjoyed every minute of it! …and as an added bonus, snacks are provided!



PCCI offers several other classes such as PHOTOGRAPHY, WEB DESIGN, 3D ANIMATION and more! Check out their website for a complete list of classes! It’s the age of technology guys, knowing ANY of these will be very helpful! SO ENROLL NOW!!!





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Philippine Center for Creative Imaging
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