Did You Know Emilia Clarke Was Supposed to Be Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Apparently, Emilia Clarke was this close to being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

In a recent post by writer Drew Pearce who was reminiscing about an early table read of Iron Man 3, he revealed that the Game of Thrones Khaleesi was supposed to be part of the original cast.

He said that it was a “long story” and that there was “script change” to explain why Emilia didn’t make the final cut.

He further explained in the comments: “To those of you wondering: when you do early table reads, a lot of the new roles aren’t cast, will change, etc. Friends of the production come in to help out, just so you can hear the words out loud, even if they’re not the person who’d play the role onscreen due to age etc. Emilia, only one season into [Game of Thrones] at the time, kindly sat in. And was great, [by the way].”

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It was not made clear which character Emilia was supposed to play or how the script had changed.

She may have missed the chance to bump into the Avengers, but hey, MCU’s Phase 4 is still open to more heroes and villains, right?

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