#Day6InManila Was a Day to Remember

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DAY6 recently held a concert at the New Frontier Theater, and Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon just proved to their Filipino My Days (Day6’s fanclub name) that everything they do is beyond fan service.

Here are some genuine moments between Day6 and Filipino My Days that brought them closer to each other.

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4. When they casually added Tagalog phrases to their sentence.

The boys showcased their Tagalog skills by dedicating sweet messages to their MYDAYS; such as Sungjin’s “ma-mi-miss ko kayo,” Jae’s “ang ganda niyo,” Dowoon’s “sobrang saya ng gabing ito,” Wonpil’s “mahal ko kayo,” and Brian’s “salamat po.”


3. When Day6 and My Days sang together.

MY DAYS started singing loudly during DAY6’s newest track “Shoot Me,” and the band was more than impressed that they even played a tune for their fans to sing on their own.  MY DAYS and DAY6 even sang hit tracks “Congratulations,” “You Were Beautiful,” “I Like You,” and “I Loved You” together.

While their fans were singing, the boys would tell them how “beautiful” the crowd looks in front of them. Another memorable yet funny duet was when the fans chanted “walang uuwi!” (no one’s going home!), and the band immediately created a beat for them and sang along.


2. When Jae went up to greet fans at the second floor.

During their final song, “Freely,” vocalist-guitarist Jae decided to greet their fans at the Balcony and Loge area! He smiled, waved, and even sang with fans up-close. (We can’t forget how glass-like his skin is!)


 1. The heart warming messages Day6 gave to their fans.

Dowoon expressed how worried he was at first since it was their first concert in Manila. He said, “Thank you for the good memories. This is our first time here in the Philippines, right? So we were kind of worried and nervous that we might not do well here in the Philippines. But then I realized that I didn’t need to worry at all because you guys enjoyed so much. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, thank you all for coming to night.” Fans also assured him that everyone did have fun through their cheers.

Sungjin started by apologizing for coming to Manila just this year, since the boys debuted back in 2015. He narrated, “First of all, I’d like to say sorry for making you guys wait a lot… But because of you guys, we were able to perform well. So, thank you so much.”

Jae shared how much he wanted to come to Manila, especially since his musical influences such as Youtuber AJ Rafael is from Manila. He explained, “I kinda grew up with music that were from Youtube. And I kind of learned a lot from artists that were from here. So, I just want to thank you guys. Thank Manila, thank the Philippines, for giving me music pretty much.” He added, “It was an amazing intense night. You guys were so loud and so beautiful.”

Brian then asked the audience, “Even though there were some sad songs, are you guys happy? Are you as happy as I am?” To which the crowd responded with a loud “YES!” He continued, “Then I guess the show was a success. That’s all I ask for, that’s all I wish for. If I sing in front of you guys and you are happy when you go home.”

Wonpil also thanked the fans for their overwhelming support. He said, “The fact that you are supporting us from here [in the Philippines] makes me really thankful. I think we’re going back to Korea with great memories made here and just like the title ‘Youth’ we are in our youth right now, so I hope you guys had a great night. Also, I think we were able to end this concert well.”


The boys also promised to come back to Manila soon! Sungjin said, “So, until the next time. It won’t take that long. Let’s see each other again.” We hope to see you again, DAY6!