Create Your Personalized RFID-Safe Wallet with Urban Traveller & Co

Words by Clariz Mendoza

Still thinking of the perfect gift to give this Christmas season? Nothing beats personalized gifts, so perhaps this is that perfect present you have been looking for. 

In celebration of their 4th anniversary, Urban Traveller & Co. will be presenting a one-of a-kind exclusive event: Make your very own Secrid wallet.

The Secrid Wallet


In this digital age, RFIDs are used everywhere. We use it for transportation (beep cards), cashless transactions (credit cards), and even for security (resident IDs).

If you’re like me who commutes all the time using the LRT, you would know how annoying or embarrassing it could be when your beep card suddenly decides not to work, holding up he long line of impatient passengers behind you. Instances like this commonly happen to our cards due to friction from items such as our wallets or card holders that cause damage on the card’s RFID chip.

Theft is another issue — you’d be surprised how easy it is to swipe your card details even when it is in your wallet, in your pocket.  Considering these things, it’s really important to keep our cards in a safe and secure place. 



Lucky for us, there are brands like Urban Traveller & Co. that partnered up with Secrid, a famous brand known for their best-selling RFID-Safe Card Wallet so you never have to worry about damaging your card chip or theft.

And to commemorate their 4th year anniversary milestone, for two days this November, you can customize your own Secrid wallet with experts from Holland ready to assemble it for you! Now, you don’t have to worry about damaging your RFIDs, thanks to this amazing wallet!

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Customization at its finest


Through Urban Traveller & Co.’s Personalization Service, you can even add your personal touches to your Secrid Wallet. Put your initials or of whoever you’re giving this nice gift to. Have a photo of your family or you and your SO printed on it. Or perhaps your favorite quote to motivate yourself. Channel your creative side as you choose from hundreds of quality leather styles and card protectors, too. Your imagination is the limit in making your very own Secrid wallet. 

Head on to Urban Traveller & Co. on November 16 at Greenbelt 5, and November 17  at Vertis North to make your own Secrid RFID Safe Wallet with Urban Traveller & Co.

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