Cards Against Humanity 2.0 is Coming to the Philippines—Plus Four Other Games to Watch Out For!

Words by Misha Fabian

Fancy a trip to ancient Greece? How about to Gotham City? Ever wondered what it would be like being a super spy? Wanna kill an hour or two with new versions of your favorite classic games? Here are five hot new games arriving in the Philippines this coming weeks—and we can’t be more excited!

1. Cards Against Humanity 2.0

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Dubbed “The party game for horrible people”, Cards Against Humanity was a big hit when it first hit stores in 2011. Filled with loads of dark humor and shocking subject matters, it’s sure to keep any party going. Now, Gaming Library is releasing Cards Against Humanity 2.0, which is said to be an International Edition with 150 additional cards and a wider range of topics guaranteed to double up the fun and laughter.

2. Batman Talisman

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Everyone loves Batman—except for villains. Play as his one of his nemeses in this new release and escape Arkham Asylum. Roll a dice and move around the board to release the prisoners from their cells and beat Batman. Being bad has never felt this good!

3. Zategy

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This one’s perfect for gamers on the go! Patterned after Connect 4, players can now connect the game tiles together without the need for a board. To play, you simply have to connect four tiles together either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. As a bonus, up to four people can play⁠—double the players, double the fun.

4. Santorini

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In this game, you get to become a Greek god. Compete against the other gods and build the beautiful island of Santorini with this new board game. With game pieces patterned after Grecian architecture, this game also proves to be very aesthetically appealing.

5. Decrypto

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Crack the code and save the day⁠—this game teaches you how to decrypt secret words and figure out puzzles in this game of deduction. Our childhood dreams of becoming super spies can finally be realized with this game where you can intercept and figure out secret messages with your friends.

Want to get your hands on one (or all) of these games? Stay tuned for these games and check out Gaming Library, the premiere store in the Philippines for modern hobby board games, card games, puzzles and other crafts.

You can also check Gaming Library out on their Spotify podcast and YouTube channel to add to your gaming experience!


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