Creamy, Peppery, and Beefy? New Twists to Classic Jollibee Favorites!

Considering the increasing, fast-paced lifestyle of the younger generation and the young at heart, food chains have become a classic household name. Like Jollibee–which never ceases to touch on the local culture, values, and distinct palate of the Filipinos. Many of us grew up attending or having birthdays, meetings, and other gatherings in different Jollibee branches across the country!

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jollibee_event area

BUT LO AND BEHOLD! The ever-so classic Jollibee now has a new, funkier look!

The Glorrietta 4 branch–the first among all branches–is newly renovated with sleek and colorful interiors. Last January 16th 2017, both updates on the interior and the menu were unveiled during a media event.


The renovation includes LED screens that show in-house commercials and this eye-catching mural by Egg Fiasco (one of the amazing artists that contributed to the BGC Art in the City!)

jollibee_artist name

Newly upholstered seats, brighter lighting, and even updated design of staff uniforms have made Jollibee eye-catching as ever.


Fret not! Items such as the coffee float is still on the menu. Actually, Jollibee is now more conducive to barkada hangouts and meetings.

jollibee_coffee float

Aside from the coffee float, Jollibee’s menu kept its all-time favorite: the burger steak. BUT! To add to the creamy and beefy experience, Jollibee now has Pepper Cream Burger Steak. This version still has the patty that is 100% packed with real beef, but with the oozing cream with a twist of pepper and corn!


Cat Trivino of Jollibee concisely explained that the rebranding is centered on being hip yet classy through both the new interiors and the new Pepper Cream Burger Steak.


Staying true to the Langhap Sarap experience, Pepper Cream Burger Steak has that distinct, delightful smell. Don’t be fooled by the word “pepper” in its name! The meal is not at all spicy. The pepper only adds a touch of “spunk” to the creamy, beefy goodness.


Because of the enjoyable experience in eating this creamy treat, you’ll finish your rice in no time. In case you have some beef and cream left, it is best paired with french fries as well. Guess what? For only PhP50 (solo meal) or PhP55 (with Nestea), you’ll get to enjoy this meal!


Tasting this new innovative meal will surely make you do the Jollibee dance! How? Bend your knees, shake your butt, turn in place, and do the twist!



Despite all these new changes to everyone’s beloved Jollibee, though, one thing has not: the feel of  the Filipino familial pride we all know and love.

Glorietta 4, Courtyard Dr, Ayala Center,
Makati, 1224 Metro Manila
Branch Hours: 10am to 8pm
(02) 8-7000