LOOK: Filipinos in Jollibee Skokie Chicago Waited for Hours to Enjoy Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and More!

A Chicago-based online magazine, Chicago Eater featured our very own Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti with the headline: “Chicagoans Continue to Wait Hours For Jollibee’s Filipino Chicken and Spaghetti”

Chicago based magazine

No doubt, these two all-time favorite items at Jollibee are feature-worthy because of its unique Pinoy taste that even Americans appreciate. According to the writer, the “Chicagoans” stood patiently in line just to get into the Filipino fast-food chain and taste its staple bestsellers such as Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti and of course, the classic “Yum Burgers”.

In fact, the management had set up tents for those who continue to wait for a taste of the most loved Filipino fast-food chain.

chicago based

Additionally, the writer also confirmed that the TV crews of CBS traveled to check out the “latest craze” in Skokie, a village in Chicago. As stated in the article, one customer drove seven hours from Minnesota for the love of Jollibee’s unforgettable and delicious creations!

Apparently, Jollibee that opened last July 29, has become a ubiquitous destination for the village with no signs of slowing down, says the writer of Chicago Eater.

Meanwhile, friends and relatives in Chicago have also shared their experience on how they endured the “waiting game” just to indulge with these yummy Jollibee treats!

jollibee in chicago

Chickenjoy, Jolly spaghetti, Palabok, Peach Mango Pie, Halo-Halo, OMG!! (Photo credit: Mitch Coladilla)

pinoy in jollibee

On a quick research about this, I stumbled upon Mark Anthony Matipo’s photo posted two days after the grand opening with a caption:

Jollibee just landed in Chicago! Freaking 4 hours wait time just to eat Chicken Joy! Hahaha. Nice to see you, Sir Robert S Denolo.

I hope you also have these delightful combinations like Y1 or C3 over there because aside from it being a budget-friendly meal, it comes with two of my favorite Jollibee items: Jolly Spaghetti and favorite thigh part Chickenjoy!

Now, I’m hungry!

What’s your favorite meal at Jollibee? Share your answers below!