Enjoy These Cool Anime Paint-by-Numbers Kits With the Whole Family

Looking for a fun way to bond with the family? If you’re a family of anime lovers, we found some cool anime paint-by-number kits that you are sure to enjoy creating. Even if you aren’t gifted in the art department (like me lol), you’ll be happy to hear that these kits are perfect for any age – even your kids! Bond over fun paintings and produce creations you will be proud to hang up on your bedroom walls once done. Here are some of our favorite kits from XZ Market, which are currently on sale on Lazada!


Naruto Paint by Numbers

Love Naruto? Bet you didn’t think anyone would come up with a paint-by-numbers kit of the show, huh? It’s pretty cool, though, and you’re sure to have a ton of fun painting this. You can even get a frame to go with it if you want. Buy this paint-by-numbers kit of the Naruto gang while it’s on sale at 27% off!

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha Naruto Paint by Numbers

Gotta take a moment to also feature this stunning paint-by-numbers kit because Sasuke’s older brother looks great in it. Buy it now with or without a frame while it’s on sale at 27% off!

One Piece

One Piece Paint by Numbers

Love ‘One Piece’? Check out this colorful paint-by-numbers kit that is currently on sale at 27% off – buy it now!


Totoro Paint by Numbers

They have several scenes from ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ available in the store, but we think this simplest one is the cutest one. You can get a frame to go with it, too. Buy this adorable Totoro paint-by-numbers kit while now while it’s on sale at 27% off!

Kimi no na wa / Your Name

Kimi no na wa Your Name Paint by Numbers

Relive the beauty of ‘Kimi no na wa’ with this paint-by-numbers kit. Buy it now while it’s on sale at 27% off!

Weathering With You

Weather With You Paint by Numbers

More of a ‘Weathering With You’ fan? Don’t fret; they’ve got that, too! Buy it now with or without a frame while it’s on sale at 12% off!


Inuyasha Sesshomaru Paint by Numbers

If you’re a fan of Inuyasha, we won’t blame you if prefer Sesshomaru. I mean… just look at him. Paint him to your heart’s content and hang him up on your wall with or without a frame. Buy it now while it’s on sale at 27% off!

The Little Prince

The Little Prince Paint by Numbers e1618309192400

Okay, this is technically not an “anime”, but it’s still animated – and it’s just far too cute not to add to this list! There are 15 kits to choose from, so choose one now (or get them all – why not?) while they’re on sale at 28% off!

Anime isn’t XZ Market’s only available theme, either. They have stunning landscapes, powerful animal portraits, other animations like ‘Big Hero 6’ and even Chinese donghua series ‘Mo Dao Zu Shi’.

Check out more of XZ Market’s paint-by-number kits here.

Payday Earth

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