Color Manila Run 2: Sharing Happy Vibes Through Running and Colors!

When In Manila, running will always be running, but running with blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and purple powder thrown at you… that’s a different story! Hooray for Color Manila Run 2 for again sharing happy vibes to everyone through running and colorful skies!

Color Manila Run 21Thousands participated in starting the year with happy colors

Color Run Manila 2: What you missed

Color Manila Run 2 started my first Sunday of January with a blast! Sprinkling, blowing and showering runners with colorful powder, Color Manila Run 2 definitely brought back my dying drive to run.

My nephew and I arrived early at 34th Street and the area was already jam packed with participants ready to run. The stage was also set up with colorful drapes. I was excited and anxious at the same time just because I haven’t run for the longest time AGAIN… But yes, I came to run and have fun! Speaking of having fun, #SelfieOlympics looks fun! Check out our article here.

Color Manila Run 2Good morning to all!

Color Manila Run 3My all time favorite running buddies.

The 5k run started exactly 6:15 am and the participants were really screaming with excitement and joy! Whenever we were nearing the “powdering/coloring” area, the voices of runners become louder and louder! Happiness and fun can really be seen and felt while watching people get “colored”, and the scent of the powder, it was like the air was filled with cotton candy! My nephew was so “kilig” every time we pass by  the “coloring” area!

Color Manila Run 5Staring 2014 with a blast at Color Manila Run 2!

Color Manila Run 7Lovin’ pink! 

Color Manila Run 10Who loves blue?

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