Starting a New Business? This Coach Will Help You Level Up Your Social Media Game

The ongoing pandemic has affected many businesses; but on another end, it gave reason for many startups to emerge. With the Internet and social media at our disposal, e-commerce has boomed to cater to the stay-at-home folk and to make things more accessible. Thus, in the bustling world of social media, you can find a wide range of products—food, clothes, plants, equipment, and more—making Facebook and Instagram a golden pot for everything you need.

With all the businesses and brands in the sea of social media… how do you stand out, though? Through ads and eye-catching content. To achieve this, you need to understand the way your market thinks, such as their behavior, when they’re online, and what they’re looking for. That way, you know how to give what they want.

To achieve a successful ad campaign, you need to level up your strategy, AdsLevelUp-style. Established by coach and young agency owner Jungie Gumiran, AdsLevelUp is an online course that teaches you how to build a solid foundation for your startup brand through strategic ad placements.

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Who is Jungie Gumiran?

Jungie Gumiran is the founder of AdsLevelUp. A 26-year-old young business owner / coach, Gumiran makes your business his business. He does this by helping digital marketers and entrepreneurs—mostly startups—grow their business.

“I believe my mission and purpose for being on this planet is to make them realize their potential of building a ‘Power business’ in the long term. Because the more Filipino entrepreneurs who are able to live in abundance and who are successful, the more people they can serve,” he said in an interview with When in Manila. “And I do this by teaching how to create successful, highly profitable Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns.”

Born to a housewife and security guard, Gumiran had a simple life. And just like all of us, he started out with one goal in mind: making money. And although most people would gravitate to high-paying, stable jobs after graduating from university, he took a different path and chose to be a freelancer.

Being a freelancer has its drawbacks. Gumiran describes the experience as “unstable”, with only a couple of clients to handle, small fees, and little to no results. But once he changed his views and began investing in himself by taking classes abroad and applying them to his client’s business, he began to see the results. Facebook advertising turned out to have an impact on businesses and he took the chance.

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Three years have passed since then, and Gumiran now manages the social media campaigns of multi-million businesses—both local and abroad—in his startup social advertising agency Notif Digital. Together with a team of Facebook and Instagram ad experts in the Philippines, he helps local e-commerce businesses allocate their advertising budget responsibly and strategically with data-backed studies on the brands’ target market. To date, he has worked with big brands like Sun Life, Keller Williams, TCL, Logitech, Platinum Karaoke, and even with Chinkee Tan.

What is AdsLevelUp?

Beyond campaigns and advertising, Gumiran wanted to share his learnings with budding entrepreneurs, fellow freelancers, and business owners.

Thus, he started a special program that let him do just that: AdsLevelUp.

AdsLevelUp is designed to teach everything about running a successful ad campaign. Through this program, Gumiran teaches local freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners on how to properly use social media advertising to promote their products and services online.

What Makes AdsLevelUp Different from Other Online Classes?

A fresh perspective on advertising, for one. Along with life lessons that will help your brand grow.

“The strategy I teach inside AdsLevelUp is based on this core principle: Meet your customers where they are in their buyer’s journey with a message that is precise and relevant,” Gumiran added. “Most of the time, we fail to realize na hindi lahat ng taong makakakita ng ads natin are on the same level of awareness.” [Rough Translation: Most of the time, we fail to realize that not all of the people who see our ads have the same level of awareness as we do.]

Contrary to the belief that an ad is formatted as a “one size fits all”, Gumiran emphasizes that connection to your potential customers is key. In addition, understanding the way your customer behaves can help you reach out to them in a clearer way.

However, beyond learning about advertising in social media and running a successful campaign, AdsLevelUp is different from other programs because you become part of a community of business-savvy individuals.

Aside from learning and receiving support from Gumiran, you will also learn from AdsLevelUp Mentors within an accountability group. This group provides intimate support and hands-on experience beyond textbook learning, which will equip you with the skills to run your very own business.

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And just as everyone else in the group will learn from each other and their respective mentors, the end goal is to build a community of highly skilled and confident local marketers and Facebook Ad experts… with you in it! You can learn all these and more through AdsLevelUp’s online program.

What are the Programs by AdsLevelUp?

At the moment, AdsLevelUp offers two programs: the AdsLevelUp Basic and the AdLevelUp Advanced.

The Basic program, priced at Php1,500, features a three-hour module with both an overview and the basics on funnel strategies for Facebook Ads. On the other hand, the Advanced program is a more comprehensive one, featuring an extensive discussion of fundamentals and strategies for five weeks. The advanced program even comes with one-year access to the AdsLevelUp masterclasses, a community of mentees and strategists who specialize in creating Facebook ads. These pre-recorded modules are then placed on the AdsLevelUp website, although the masterclasses and webinars are conducted live and online.

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Upon enrolling at the AdsLevelUp Advanced program, you will get 5 comprehensive video modules that allow you to learn everything about strategically placing ads on Facebook and Instagram. These include:

– Module 1: The Full Funnel Strategy – How to make any type of audience (cold, warm, hot) fall in love with you
– Module 2: Audience Prospecting and Retargeting – How to find your ideal audience and get them to buy your products
– Module 3: Ad Creatives and Copywriting – How to find the best image and video that will catch attention and make people stop scrolling
– Module 4: Testing and Optimization – How to test which ad will bring more success and which ad to discontinue.
– Module 5: Leveling Up! – How to diagnose a campaign and how to scale.

In addition, the program allows you access to:
– Monthly Coaching Calls: ask questions and talk about your successes and struggles in creating and managing your Facebook and Instagram ads. It’s a chance to ask anything and everything you need to know about your campaign.
– Monthly Masterclasses: monthly classes where Gumiran discusses certain topics in great detail. It’s an opportunity to remain updated and relevant in an ever-changing digital world, especially since Facebook and Instagram change their algorithm from time to time.
– Mentor Group: intimate support from an AdsLevelUp Mentor, who will guide you along the way. The mentor assigned will vary, depending on your business and/or niche. This accountability group ensures that you’re not alone in your journey to learn about social media advertising.
– VIP Facebook Group: a community of startup businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers taught by Gumiran. It’s a place to ask questions, get help, seek collaborations and build connections with like-minded individuals.
– Templates and Worksheets: tried and tested guides that let you skip the usual trial and error method. With references that have actually worked in the past, you can commit fewer mistakes, especially when planning your campaign.

This entire program, with the modules and benefits included, is priced at Php12,500 with the option of two monthly installments of Php6,500 each. According to Gumiran, he offers this rate because he wants to help as many freelancers and business owners as he can.

When asked for his plans this coming 2021, Gumiran said that he plans on “enhancing (his) program by developing more Facebook Ads Coaches so we can expand our reach.” Because experience may be the best teacher, but learning in a tech-driven world like this never stops.

For more details on the available classes and modules, you can visit

Additionally, Gumiran is offering a free video training seminar on how to earn a 7-figure profit through Facebook and Instagram from scratch at

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