Chocoholics Celebrate With These Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

If you love cookies, it is sure that you have heard of Aly’s Cookie Bar. Influencers have been raving about these cookies for years and it’s a staple that you can buy at Spectrum Fair Manila.

Owned by 27-year-old Aly Arellano, she is known in the blogging/vlogging scene. Baking has always been her passion and she has been making her delicious cookies since 2013. In 2020, Aly decided to run her business full time.

Inspired by her love for Debbie Fields and Mrs. Fields cookies, she always dreamt of putting up her own cookie shop someday. She shared that she always had a fascination for food and she always tries different food items when she travels. Her travels inspired her to make the food that she shares with friends and family.

We were in for a treat as we tried their ACB sampler box which has 6 pcs of cookies- Triple Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Cranberry, and Dark Chocolate Fleur De Sel.

Aly Cookies 1

The difference between these cookies is its texture and flavor. Compared to many of the cookies I have tried, this one has a great balance of sweetness. It also has a great cookie dough to chocolate ratio to make sure that you are not overwhelmed with sweetness. The cookie dough is flavorful enough on its own but the chocolate ties the whole thing together. It’s perfect to pair with warm glass of milk, coffee, or tea.

Aly Cookies 2

If you are a chocoholic like me, the triple chocolate chunk will definitely make your heart sing. It is chewy on the inside but has delicious chocolate throughout. Aside from that variant, what we loved are the White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies.

Aly Cookies

The perfect combination of the white chocolate, cranberries, and chewy cookie dough is really different from all of the cookies we have tried. According to Aly, this flavor is also becoming a fan favorite. I have tried them freshly baked, heated, and chilled- all are good and you can choose your preference on how you want it served.

Another tip is that you can chill it for a few days before eating them. This will make the cookies more flavorful!

Aly’s Cookie Bar