Chino’s Deli Cagayan de Oro Offers Delectable Homemade Meat Products

Chino’s Deli Cagayan de Oro Offers Delectable Homemade Meat Products

When in Manila, you can find several delicatessens that offer quality products and if you’re lucky, one may be situated a mere block away from your place. I used to frequent a fine deli within my neighborhood in Pasig and, though a bit pricey, I couldn’t resist the yumminess of their sandwiches and even take away some homemade sausages for my very own double-deckers. 

Back home in Cagayan de Oro City, I also have a favorite deli that offers all homemade meat products that are not only delicious but are super affordable too! 

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

Chino’s Deli produces quality homemade products made of 100% meat. They do not use artificial flavoring, coloring and extenders, which means that you get the full goodness and tenderness of real meat every time. They source their ingredients from local farms to ensure the quality and freshness of their products, as well.

I got a chance to talk to one of the owners, Jonathan Noel Mempin, who is also the Operations Manager of this yummy food haven. I learned that Chino’s Deli started out as a simple home-based business back in the late 80s. Mrs. Emelita Javier Mempin, Jonathan’s mom, started making corned beef, longganisa and tocino using her very own recipe. After class, siblings Jonathan and Chino helped their mom Emelita in producing these products through manual techniques: using icing bags to insert meat into the longganisa, fork to shred the corned beef and candlelight to seal the packaging of the products.

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

Chino, who had shown early signs of interest in their mom’s business, used to sell their homemade meat products to his High School teachers and schoolmates. He later on developed his own smoked chorizo which became popular among their regular clients. To enhance his knowledge and skills in meat processing, Chino took a Culinary course and continued to develop more appetizing meat products. Now a family-run small business venture, Emelita, Jonathan, Chino their other sibling Katrina Mempin-Montecillo, and Jonathan’s wife Mary Ann, all contributed to the development of the succeeding products. And who keeps the recipe? Well, it’s kept exclusively within the family members.

From chorizo, tocino and longganisa, they have expanded their products to include sausage, bacon and ham. The bestselling variants are skinless longganisa and smoked Italian spicy sausage. Prices range from Php130 to Php590 per pack. I’m a regular buyer of their products and I must say that they are really, really tasty and succulent!

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

These goodies are perfect for your breakfast silogs and sandwiches

In 2012, Chino’s Deli introduced sandwiches using their own meat products during a popular local culinary event. The market’s reception was really good hence the family decided to continue offering  fresh sandwiches for their growing clientele. 

Of course, we had a taste of their yummy sandwiches and my top favorites were:

The Spicy Sausage 

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

Made of spicy sausage, cucumber, tomato, caramelized onions and mayo mustard sauce

The Ultimate 

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

Made of beef bacon, onions, mushrooms, cheese, jalapenos and gravy

The Tokyo Crib

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

Made of pork bacon, lettuce, cucumber, ripe mangoes, wasabi dressing and seaweed

and The Croque Madame

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

Made of ham slices, cheese and béchamel sauce topped with sunny side up eggs and a pinch of parsley

Chino’s Deli outlets are located at the 2nd level of Robinson’s Mall (near the Supermarket) and at the 3rd level of Ayala Centrio Mall.

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

Chino’s Deli provides a casual dining experience at their Ayala Centrio outlet

And since their Centrio branch is just beside the Cinema section, you need not worry about waiting for your order and being late for the movie as they will deliver your sandwiches right inside the Cinema.

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

You can also buy their products at Mercato de Oro Food Bazar, also at Ayala Centrio Mall, every Friday and Saturday and at selected supermarkets in Cagayan de Oro City. They also join Food Expos in Manila, Cebu and Davao.

What’s next for this homegrown food haven? Well, the family hopes to establish their own commissary, develop their own blend of drinks and possibly look into the idea of franchising the business. 

Learning about their story, I only have nothing but pure admiration for this entrepreneurial family. From a humble home-based business selling only 2 kilos of meat products per day, Chino’s Deli now sells at least 50 kilos of assorted frozen products daily. And the best part is that each family member is highly committed to their growing family business.

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

with Chino’s Deli Team: Jonathan and Mary Ann Mempin, Katrina Mempin Montecillo and crew

So, my When In Manila friends, bring home the best tasting frozen meat products from Chino’s Deli as pasalubong for your loved ones when you’re in Cagayan de Oro City. We enjoyed everything in this place: the products are of quality standards, very tasty and fairly-priced; the place has a homey and casual ambiance; and the service was wonderful. That’s truly good value for your money! 

Chino's Deli Cagayan de Oro

Mangaon ta! (Let’s eat!)



Chino’s Deli

Level 2, Robinsons Supermarket
3rd Level, Ayala Centrio Mall 
Cagayan de Oro City

Contact Number: 0922-8461201


Photographers: Judee Dizon Chaves and Noel delos Reyes Villa

Chino’s Deli Cagayan de Oro Offers Delectable Homemade Meat Deli Products


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