Ceiling Collapses in NAIA 3; 2 People Hurt

collapse naiaPhoto by Kherwin Cheng Chua

Kherwin was on his way back to Iloilo when his flight got delayed and he witnessed the collapsing of a part of the ceiling in NAIA terminal 3, Thursday morning.

This happened at the Sweet Ideas Cafe.

Kherwin writes on his Facebook page:

OMG need all the prayers and good vibes I could get. First my flight from Iloilo to Manila got delayed, now the roof caved in at this cafe in pre-departure as I passed by. WTF!

GMA News reported that:

“20-year-old construction worker Jellyboy Marcial was putting duct tape on an air conditioner cable when he slipped and had to cling to the ceiling, which caused debris to fall down near an area where passengers check-in”

2 were rushed to the NAIA medical clinic.

This was not the first time part of NAIA’s ceiling collapsed. It was reported to collapse 2006 and 2008. This is the 3rd time.

Why do you think this keeps on happening to NAIA’s construction?


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