CASA San Miguel: 5 Reasons Why It Breaks My Heart To Leave

2. CASA San Miguel is bursting with artistic inspiration

CASA San Miguel has also gained a reputation for being a haven for local art and music.

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It houses its own gallery, the Anita Magsaysay-Ho Gallery and Museum, a gallery open to exhibitions from local artists. Its latest exhibit is “Rural” by Zaniel Mariano, a San Antonio native who is a self-taught painter. His works reflect the idyllic values of the rural community.

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The CASA is not just an eclectic house of wood and brick, it’s also an artist’s haven, made to inspire artistic epiphanies.

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The CASA’s living room and kitchen; the foyer is also meant to be an artist’s studio for its resident artists.

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1. Its connectedness to the community

CASA San Miguel stakes its roots in the community, by providing livelihood projects and spearheading scholarship programs in the arts and music.

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CASA San Miguel places importance on the arts, and making them accessible to the common folk through Cuerdas Cuadros, CASA San Miguel’s community arts program. Through the program, CASA has been able to provide talented and hardworking children from Zambales scholarships in programs in the arts and music, many who have gone on to schools such as Philippine High School for the Arts, UST Conservatory of Music, and the UP College of Music. 

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Every year, children enroll in summer camp at CASA San Miguel, where for 2 months they immerse themselves in learning art and music in an environment that allows artistic inspiration to thrive.

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Shout out to T-shirt, who’s been a very good boy during our stay!

CASA San Miguel also offers an exclusive Zamba Tour, where you can also experience the wonderful Anawangin island! For only 2,000 pesos per head, with a minimum of 8 in a group, the package includes van transfers from San Antonio to Casa San Miguel and vice versa, a tour of Casa San Miguel, three meals for the island tour, banca transfers, and a glamping setup on the island, complete with tents and beddings!

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For a different kind of weekend, let CASA San Miguel surprise you with its natural charm, and blow you away with its soul.

CASA San Miguel

San Antonio, Zambales


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