CASA San Miguel: 5 Reasons Why It Breaks My Heart To Leave

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There are some places you visit that leave an impression on you, then there are those places you treasure with you forever. Who would have thought that this getaway in San Antonio, Zambales would have stolen my heart in a weekend?

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CASA San Miguel is a bed and breakfast, cafe, and artistic refuge in one, with renowned violinist and artist Coke Bolipata at the helm of this unadulterated paradise. Despite the short time I spent at CASA San Miguel, this only means there are more to look forward to upon my next return. Here are 5 reasons why it breaks my heart to leave CASA San Miguel:

CASA San Miguel: 5 Reasons Why It Breaks My Heart To Leave

5. The place’s serenity

CASA San Miguel is a sanctuary of sorts, a lovely place tucked away from the noises of the city. One of the favorite activities in this place is the yoga session by Corey Wills, yoga teacher and free surfer.

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While Corey is well-versed in different forms of yoga and teaches hatha yoga, he was more than eager to share with us his own brand of yoga, which he calls Supernatural Yoga for this particular session.

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According to Corey, supernatural yoga is meant for us to use our bodies in its most “natural” or uninhibited form. He likened this to babies who crawl and move in the most uninhibited ways before learning to walk– while it may seem alien and unnatural to us folk who have learned to move with social conventions in place, including shoes, it’s actually restoring our bodies to its natural balance.

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Meditating while outdoors was definitely a pleasurable experience, making you feel one with nature.

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As a first timer, I appreciated how Corey’s brand of yoga was not intimidating in any way– while certain poses were challenging especially for a beginner like me, more focus was on creating balance and being at peace with yourself, that failure was nothing to be ashamed of. At the end, I felt light, calm, with a sense of clarity– perfect for starting the day.

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