Callows Burger: The Total Burger Joint Experience

Dapitan’s streets are busy and bustling with people and action. Both sides are lined up with arrays of fast food and a slew of the usual hole in the wall karinderya-style food joints for dormers, students, and hospital residents. It’s also one of the places for late night inuman sessions and food trips. It’s the heart of Manila action at its rawest and finest.





This is where Maia and her partner decided to open Callows Burger — something that I would like to call a counter-hole in the wall joint in the midst of the hole in the wall stalls. They opened just last February 13 and in less than six months, they have already been getting so many positive reviews in social media from their customers. Their regulars? The doctors and residents in Dapitan area who would like to have a unique burger experience without the need to travel far. 





The interior is inspired by Pinterest designs carried out from scratch using locally available materials. A marketing graduate, Maia handles the design and marketing of the business while her partner makes sure that the secret ingredients in their tasty burger are always incorporated in every bun. I was interviewing her when the scent of the burgers wafted throughout the tiny space; it was almost as if my brain wanted to shut down and just let my tummy do the talking. 






Coming from the rather busy street of Dapitan, entering the tiny space alone already transports you to a different ambience. You will only be jolted back to reality when you see the trucks and the motorists just a stone’s throw away from where you sit at the joint. 






The burgers are oozing with flavor and deliciousness. The ingredients are fresh and the owners took extra special time to develop the burger patties. The patties are soft and sweet in the right places. It kind of reminds me of the bread used for Cagayan de Oro’s signature pastel.




The patty has this distinct taste that you can eat individually; and then it’s capped off by the usual sesame seeds that burgers are known for. Add to that the Monterey-based beef products for their three flavors which was enhanced by their secret recipe: Classic, Cheese, and Barbecue. 






Completing the burger experience are their ultra yummy milkshakes and potato wedges which come in two flavours: tasty pepper and spicy.




Every month, they have a milkshake flavor of the month. At the time of our visit, it was orange. Other signature flavors are shown below, with strawberry and chocolate being the bestsellers. My husband enjoyed the vanilla flavor. Maia’s personal favorites are the orange and green tea flavors.




The gastronomic delights are reasonably priced considering the servings and its gracious elegance in the heart of Dapitan. Callows Burger is well-lit and good for talking with friends and taking pictures. There’s even a TV in case you want some additional entertainment. Small as the joint is, it’s a complete package worth visiting and checking out. 

If you want a total burger experience that truly deliver, Callows Burger is the youthful and vibrant place to go. You will find that the joint will welcome you with open arms and you will find yourself coming back for more.


Callows Burger

1618 Dapitan St, Sampaloc