Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband Earphones – Your Best New Workout Buddy

Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband Earphones – Your Best New Workout Buddy

When In Manila, tons of people have been hitting the gym to get that summer body recently. It’s almost summer, after all, so everybody is sweating it out to get ready for it! Well, what else would be essential in the gym to keep people going and pumped up? Music, of course! I’m pretty sure a lot of you have been searching for music buddies for our gadgets in the gym and have terribly failed and wasted cold hard-earned cash in the process. I’ve been in the same loop and only have found little success in finding a great fitting earphone for when I’m working out or running. It has always been a problem of mine: running with earphones on, and having them fall off so easily.

Fortunately, the Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband earphones arrived on my doorstep a week ago and what else did I do but run with them? Let me tell you about ’em: 


Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband Earphones


Build/Quality: The Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband Earphones are earphones that are connected through a headband style design to keep them together and to keep them hinged on your ear and fitted together. They are mostly made from plastic, which is I guess purposely done for the twisting and turning of the band, as well as for sweat. It’s a good choice to keep it light and secure on the fit. 


Sound Quality: The Blaupunkt Sport 112 boasts a clear sound that is pretty much spot-on to the performance. Of course, they are not on-par with audiophile earphones, especially heaedphones, but they do deliver sound quality that is not too veiled or way too dark and bassy. They do focus on bass, but not in an overbearing way that muffles the vocals and instruments. For a sports earphone, they provide great performance, to be honest.


Overall, the Blaupunkt Sport 112 fits snuggly and does not drop or hinder you from your cardio routines since it has the hook and band to keep it in place. A good addition to its strong points is the fact that comfort is good despite having to hinge the earpieces and having the band around the back of your neck. A really good gym partner that is comfortable when in Manila, performs greatly for its purpose and doesn’t break the bank at P1,200.00 only!

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Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband Earphones – Your Best New Workout Buddy


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