Best Windows Phone in the Mid-Range Market the Nokia Lumia 720


When In Manila the best Windows Phone for you could just be around the corner, so with all the Windows Phone right now in the market which phone would you choose? Nokia pretty much covered all price ranges of Windows Phone starting with their entry level Lumia 520 to their prized flagship the Lumia 920. Yup,  Nokia thought of it all; even for those scouring the market for a mid-tier Windows Phone to which they offer their Lumia 720… a new definition of what a good mid-range smart phone should  be.


If it is cheap doesn’t mean it should look cheap



As some of you might know, smart phones that would cost below the 15,000Php mark would usually be plastic-like and flimsy. This is usually done to cut product cost. Nokia goes ahead and challenges that with the Lumia 720, sporting a unibody design similar to the Lumia 920, it boasts rounded edges and contoured controls. This design is streamlined so that it fits perfectly to your hand and it is very light making it comfortable to hold.


 I felt like I was holding a top tier premium product while playing around with it.

 The Nokia Lumia 720 is also offered in different colours, something I’m sure most, especially the ladies would be thrilled to hear. Personally, I feel like white is a complement to anybody’s daily attire.


All the goodness of Windows Phone 8 with a dash of Nokia apps


Windows Phone 8 in itself is a system… I, being a fan of Metro style and its minimalistic appeal was happy to have more room to customize my home screen with live tiles that could be resized. WP8 is very fluid and very intuitive; it also offers a lot of services exclusive only to Windows Phone like Microsoft Office and Xbox live plus a better support from the Windows store with more apps.

Speaking of apps, one of the reasons to buy a Nokia Windows Phone is because of the Nokia specific applications that add to a better smart phone experience like Nokia Music, Here Drive and Here City Lens. Personally I really like the new Here Drive as it lets you navigate Philippine roads with turn by turn navigation and it now lets you multitask allowing it to navigate you even when reading text messages.




Lumia 720 is a good phone; it has features and design that would compare to high end smart phone however it sacrificed screen pixel density and camera quality to keep the prices low. As for the system, Windows Phone 8 is still low on apps but is starting to catch up on good app titles such as “4 words 1 pic”, “Temple Run”, “Angry Birds” and others. Overall the Lumia 720 is one of the best value for money Windows Phone out there.  More details on the Nokia Lumia 720 below.


Interesting things about Lumia 720

  • Battery life could last up to 520 hours on 3G standby.
  • Lumia 720 is wireless charging ready so with the proper accessory you could charge your phone wirelessly
  • display cover is Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • Supports front facing camera so Skype video calls are now possible
  • Here Drive could offer turn by turn navigation without internet connection


More about Nokia Lumia 720

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