11 of the Best Stores to Order Tiramisu Online Right Now

Chocolate cake aside, there is only one other kind of cake I cannot say ‘no’ to: tiramisu. When the tiramisu is good, I can actually finish a whole cake on my own in one sitting… or I’ll hide it in the back of our fridge so no one will know it’s there and then eat it over the course of a few days. :p

If you are looking for delicious tiramisu to order online, here’s a list of x of the best online stores I’ve discovered recently that sells unforgettable and utterly luscious tiramisu.

11 of the Best Stores to Order Tiramisu Online Right Now

11. DaniCakes (@ilovedanicakes)


Location: Parañaque

Danicakes Tiramisu Cheesecake

Photo from DaniCakes

Baking is Danicca Parino’s first love, having started making twisted donuts in her kinder years. Her family, in general, loves to cook; and her grandma and auntie taught her how. In high school, she was the regionals title holder for pie-making; and after college, she flew to Dubai to work in the pastry section of NOBU Atlantis. Two years after that, DaniCakes was born.

Danicca shares that her products are born out of her own tastebuds, what people ask for, and what makes people happy. “I feel happy when I enjoy the food,” she adds. DaniCakes’ tiramisu isn’t overwhelming and has just the right amount of sweetness. It’s definitely different, but you’ll need to try it yourself to see what I mean.

10. Carlamisu (@carlamisucakes)


Carlamisu Tiramisu

Photo from Carlamisu

Baking is Carla Corsiga’s source of creativity and relaxation. Back in college, Carla used to sell no-bake tiramisu and give them out as Christmas gifts. When people urged her to sell them, a friend coined the name Carlamisu (Carla + tiramisu) and it just clicked. At Carlamisu, Carla sells customized chocolate truffle cakes, tiramisu in a can, cheesecake stuffed crinkles, and other pastries.

You can expect a wide plethora of different flavors from Carlamisu. “I want my creations to be a bit different and unique, but at the same time really delicious,” Carla explains. They have the classic chocolate and vanilla flavors, but also add other components like cream cheese, vanilla pastry cream, and chocolate caravella flakes to make it taste even better. You’ll experience a burst of flavor and texture with every bite: creamy, chocolatey, tangy, and a bit of a crunch. Follow them on social media to get first dibs of new flavors!

9. Pantry Hut (@pantry_hut)


Pantry Hut Tiramisu

Photo from Pantry Hut

Rina has always been passionate about food and travel. One way she has been coping during the lockdown is by recreating her favorite meals at home. Pantry Hut aims to help busy people coping with the current changes and adjustments by offering accessible meals and meal prep options that are healthy and reasonably priced. One of the desserts on their menu is tiramisu. Rina shares that she had always had a hard time finding really good tiramisu, especially during the lockdown; so she decided to make some to help others who might be looking for the same time.

Pantry Hut’s signature tiramisu is always fresh and made to order. It is light and not too sweet, so you can enjoy more with less guilt. They don’t cut any corners and only use the best quality ingredients while keeping the servings big and the prices competitive, so that more people can enjoy it.

8. One More Slice (@onemoreslice_ph)


Location: Pasig

One More Slice Tiramisu

Photo from One More Slice

Zara is an avid foodie who studied culinary arts at the Global Culinary Academy and moved to Sydney to work and apprentice under the Head French Pâtissier Jean-Marc Masset of the Max Brenner Group Australia. Zara returned to the Philippines in 2017 when she established One More Slice, specializing in cakes and cookies. While baking at a small scale, she was unable to keep up with the demand for baked goods and continued her passion for food this year by providing the best deli goods available in Metro Manila, mainly supporting local cheese makers but also offering jams, honey, olive oils, and fresh meats.

Zara shares that she never really took a liking to the tiramisu available here in the Philippines. After visiting Italy and trying all sorts of tiramisu, she experimented with authentic ingredients until she was happy with her creation. Now, she has made her delicious creation available for everyone to enjoy.

7. Night Kitchen MNL (@nightkitchen_mnl)


Location: Ortigas


Like many others, Anna Ong and her sister-in-law (who is a chef) found themselves out of work and without income during this pandemic. Night Kitchen MNL is the product of these weird times. They started by selling food trays; Anna shares that it has helped keep them busy and sane while giving them a much-needed side hustle.

During a trip to Florence, Anna had met a chef whose family is from Venice, the home of tiramisu. The chef expressed the importance of quality products in making tiramisu, so Night Kitchen MNL makes it a point to stick to the recipe as much as possible. They also give it a little twist by using cold brew coffee instead of espresso. You’ll definitely be able to taste and enjoy the difference from first bite!

6. The Green Baker (@thegreenbaker)


Location: Quezon City

The Green Baker Tiramisu

Photo from The Green Baker

The Green Baker actually originated in 1985 as ‘Taste Buds’ until Denise Viñas’ mom, Soky Manlapat, decided to pursue Interior Design. In 2012, The Green Baker was born, focusing on innovating healthy snacks for those who want to indulge while sticking to a healthy diet. Of course, they also still cater to classic snacks and desserts that are more on the sinful side, bringing back Soky’s original bestselling recipes from ‘Taste Buds’.

What I find the most interesting about The Green Baker’s tiramisu is the fact that they don’t add any liquor to it. Originally my favorite part about the dessert, I came to find that it actually works – and my daughter even gets to enjoy it with me more because of it.

5. Bert’s Bakes MNL (@bertsbakesmnl)

Location: San Juan

Berts Bakes MNL Tiramisu

Photo from Bert’s Bakes MNL

Bert’s passion for desserts started in the 90s. She worked in corporate and even left for New York for a few years, but eventually found her way home to her true love: food. She studied culinary to hone her skills and perfect her craft and later on worked as a chef for well-known restaurants around the Metro. She didn’t mind the long hours while juggling raising a child and making desserts on the side. On special occasions, her family looked forward to the feasts that she’d whip up, but it was always her desserts that were the stars of the show. Now that everyone is home together, that final nudge to share her wonderful desserts to the world finally came with the help of her daughter and siblings through Bert’s Bakes MNL.

Bert’s Bakes MNL’s desserts are made with so much love, they will remind you of the days you went back home to your parents’ house, time spent with your siblings you have long missed, and Christmas mornings when life is good and everyone you love is around. Their tiramisu aside, make sure to also try their hummingbird cake and NY style cheesecake – all lovingly handcrafted and made in small batches using only the finest ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

4. Tub Desserts (@tub_desserts)


Location: Caloocan

Tub Desserts Tiramisu

Photo from Tub Desserts

Tub Desserts started in the middle of the pandemic. Marielle Cabaltera was a Hotel Sales Person for more than seven years. When the hospitality industry was greatly affected by COVID-19 and their normal operations were put on hold, it was definitely a change… but something sweet came out of it, too: Tub Desserts. Marielle shares that she was having a normal dinner with her family for which she prepared some banoffee pie when her 7-year-old nephew asked her to make more of it and sell it. “I never imagined that would be the sparkle of a new beginning,” Marielle beams.

To date, Tub Desserts’ Cookie Tiramisu is their bestseller – and for good reason. It is layered with handcrafted ingredients: a made-from-scratch cookie base, fluffy espresso, and a special homemade cream filling. What is special about it is that it has the perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness so there is no umay factor whatsoever. It’s just a feel-good dessert that will make you want to finish the whole tub by yourself!

3. little butter (@littlebutterph)


Location: Parañaque

Little Butter Tiramisu

Photo from little butter

Cindy Choi started baking 20 years ago in the summer before high school, and has been in love with it ever since. This led to her pursuing a degree in pastry arts at ISCAHM. For 14 years since graduating, Cindy worked in both Macau and Hong Kong as a professional pastry chef, and returned to Manila after achieving her professional goals. When she found herself with a lot of free during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Cindy started trying out more recipes. With the support and encouragement of friends, family, and previous clients; she then decided to offer their tiramisu to the public.

little butter’s tiramisu is made with 100% Italian mascarpone cheese and savoiardi, and produced in small batches to ensure superior quality. Since it is expertly crafted with more than a decade of professional experience in the industry, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed by it. It offers just the right balance of textures and flavors, and you are sure to keep coming back for more. Stay tuned to their social media accounts for their upcoming creations!

2. Bychefkin (@bychefkin)


Location: Quezon City

Bychefkin Tiramisu

Photo from Bychefkin

As with most online bakers, Bychefkin started because of the ECQ. Rankin Cailles is a chef who works at an airline catering and was used to being in the kitchen all the time. When the ECQ came, the cook in him was itching to do something. Thus, the birth of his online offerings through Bychefkin.

Chef Rankin shares that he made tiramisu during his college days at Enderun Colleges and he added it to his menu because it was such a hit. No wonder, really… It is DELICIOUS. “I used lady fingers soaked in coffee and rum layered in a generous amount of mascarpone cheese and topped with rich cocoa powder,” he shares. All of the products that he uses are authentic and he tries to stick to the traditional recipe of fluffy, creamy, and light tiramisu at all times. “I tried not to make it dense and too sweet, so it can be enjoyed by anyone,” he adds.

1. Tiramissyou MNL (@tiramissyoumnl)


Location: Quezon City

Tiramissyou Tiramisu

Photo from Tiramissyou MNL

VJ Requinton is an architect who had to take a break from her practice because of a high risk pregnancy. She had originally planned to go back to work after her son turned one; but when COVID-19 came, she was forced to stay home. That’s when she decided to try to make her favorite cake from a cousin-in-law’s recipe who lives in Italy. “The first time I tried it, I almost cried because the taste takes me back to Italy, and it’s so hard to get authentic tasting tiramisu here in Manila,” VJ shares. That’s when Tiramissyou MNL was born.

Tiramissyou MNL’s goal is to offer classic tiramisu that tastes just like what you would get in Italy. They use the most premium ingredients that they can get their hands on, such as Illy for our coffee, Italian ladyfingers, and mascarpone from Lombardy (which is the birthplace of mascarpone). They also use a stovetop moka pot to make their espresso. There is really a taste of Italy in every bite!

What astounded me the most was how their delicious tiramisu arrived in a beautiful floral ceramic bowl and modernist baking pan that you get to keep after you eat the cake (in about a minute). It is the perfect gift to give, particular this Christmas season!

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