15 Ultra Delicious Chocolate Cakes You Need to Try NOW

Who can say ‘no’ to chocolate cake? NOT ME, that’s for sure. I’m the type of person who always says ‘yes’ to a slice (or a whole cake heh) of chocolate cake. If you have a soft spot for chocolatey goodness like I do, here are 15 chocolate cakes you need to try NOW.

15 Ultra Delicious Chocolate Cakes You Need to Try NOW

15. Apicapica (@apicapica.mnl)


Apicapica Chocolate Cake

Photo from Apicapica

Niki Lacson grew up in Bacolod with a love for food. In her spare time, she usually bakes and cooks for her family. During quarantine, she started baking cakes with her 2-year-old daughter for fun, and sent them out to relatives and friends. When they started asking if they could buy their cakes, Niki decided to start selling their chocolate dream cake.

Apicapica’s cakes are baked with a slow cook method and with local ingredients like local cacao to help local cacao farmers. “Our goal is to bring the best chocolate cake experience right to your doorstep,” Niki shares. Trust me: this cake will remind you of your childhood with every bite.

14. Baked by Adelle (@bakedbyadelle)


Baked by Adelle Chocolate Cake

Photo from Baked by Adelle

Baked by Adelle started as a hobby during quarantine with the mere intention of sharing it with her family. “I thought of making something delicious that can go with coffee and gives off a feeling of comfort and delight,” Adelle shares. Since her relatives and friends kept telling her to sell her products, she eventually decided to do so. Adelle hopes to reflect her admiration for Japan’s coffee shops in her brand.

If you are looking for chocolate cake that is creamy and dark but not too sweet, Baked by Adelle’s Dark Chocolate Cake will hit all of the right spots. You can eat it warm or chilled, and it goes oh-so-well with coffee. They also use sustainable packaging as a way to help Mother Earth and raise awareness.

13. Papa Diddi’s (@papadiddis)


Papa Diddis Barquiron Chocolate Cake

Photo from Papa Diddi’s

Papa Diddi’s is a 5-year-old homegrown, handcrafted, heartfelt ice cream store that started in Maginhawa and now has 6 other branches all over the Metro. The store is the owner’s tribute to his late father Diddi, mostly for farmers who made homemade ice cream for his family out of the produce given by his law clients.

Papa Diddi’s flavors are all inspired by Filipino heritage as they are committed to only using locally grown and locally harvested produce as their ingredients. Their chocolate cakes follow the time-honored process of making good old-fashioned chocolate cakes without any shortcuts. They also infuse traditional local pastries into their chocolate cakes like Barquiron and Salvaro to create a new take on heritage chocolate desserts.

12. G & G Desserts (@dessertsgg)


G and G Desserts Chocolate Cake

Photo from G & G Desserts

G & G Desserts (named after the owners Genie and Gilbert) was established last September 2018 due to the rise in demand of chocolate dreamcakes. Their shop started with only one type of product – the Chocolate Fantasy cake – and has since expanded to a variety of treats for everyone to enjoy, including lactation treats for breastfeeding mommies!

G & G Desserts’ Chocolate Drip Cake isn’t too sweet, but you can really taste the chocolate in it. Their moist chocolate cake literally drips with bittersweet chocolate ganache icing. Plus, it looks utterly cute and the whole family is sure to enjoy it.

11. Lalai’s (@lalaisgoodies)


Lalais Chocolate Cake

Photo from Lalai’s

Lalai’s is owned by Maria Lailanie Martin who wanted to figure out what she really wanted to do, and what inspires her and makes her happy. She started thinking about what kind of food to sell online alongside her clothing printing business. Since she really loves baking and cooking (which she believes she inherited from her mother), Lalai’s was born. “I want to radiate some good vibes throughout this pandemic by selling some of my baked goods and to make people’s moods flip,” Lai shares.

Being a cake lover and a chocolate lover, Lai wants to express her love for cakes through her brand and let us experience the joy of having little sweets in our lives. The ganache of Lalai’s Moist Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache is super creamy and goes really well with the cake itself. The chocolate they use is 100% made in the Philippines, by the way! 🙂

10. Shamy Cakes (@shamycakesph)


Shamy Cakes Chocolate Cake

Photo by CakeRushPH

Robin Magdangal has always been fascinated with cooking and baking because of his mom and grandmother. When his mom saw this interest, he was enrolled in a summer baking class as a teenager; but baking eventually had to take a backseat. While vacationing in Mati a few years ago, though, a very dear friend/mentor of Robin’s encouraged him to start baking again and even offered to finance his small business. That’s when Shamy Cakes was born.

Shamy Cakes’ chocolate cake is a new take on the classic and very famous 80s and 90s cookie monster chocolate cake. They upgraded it by using chocolate ganache as frosting instead of the classic choco frosting, though, to truly turn it into a chocolate lover’s dream cake. Each cake is also made to order to ensure that you always get a freshly made cake every time.

9. Divine’s Breads & Cakes (@divines.bc)


Divines Chocolate Cake

Photo from Divine’s Breads and Cakes

Divine’s Breads and Cakes was established in June 2020 two months after their mother, Divine, passed away during the pandemic. With all of the challenges their family was facing, they tried to find a way to still share joy and encouragement, and attempt to carry on their late mom’s legacy. This is what led them to finally push through with the business.

With the whole family being passionate about food, they take pride in the fact that they make breads and cakes that are delicious, comforting, and appealing to Filipino tastebuds. Their chocolate cake will definitely remind you of home. They have a whole bunch of other items on their menu that you should check out, as well.

8. Sugarbee (@sugarbeeph)


Sugarbee Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Photo from Sugarbee

Sugarbee started as a hobby that turned into a successful business venture. Born out of a passion for baking the best homemade gourmet desserts, Sugarbee has expanded its creations to serve freshly-baked cakes, cupcakes, and cookies to light up every occasion and to satisfy our everyday sweet cravings.

Sugarbee has a wide roster of signature and bestselling chocolate cakes for you to choose from, including their Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, Dulce de Leche Chocolate Cake, and Toblerone Sans Rival Cake. All of their cakes are simple yet addictively delectable, having transformed old-fashioned cakes into modern creations. They also have guilt-free desserts in case you are health-conscious, including a Sugarfree Chocolate Cake.

7. The Daily Bakes (@thedailybakesph)


The Daily Bakes Chocolate Cake

Photo from The Daily Bakes

Although Sheridan doesn’t actually have a culinary background, you won’t be able to tell by how delicious The Daily Bakes’ cakes are! During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Sheridan had a lot of time to bake and experiment with different types of baked goods. Since she wanted to satisfy her sweet tooth during a time when it was hard to order cakes, she decided to make one herself.

When deciding to add a different texture on the classic chocolate cake, the first Chocolate Fudge Crunch boxed cake was created. And I have to say: IT. IS. SO. DARNED. GOOD. You simply need to try it as there are no words as to how unique and utterly delectable it is. Plus, the acrylic box makes the cake look extra pretty!

6. The Sunrise Baker (@thesunrisebaker)


The Sunrise Baker Chocolate Cake

Photo from The Sunrise Baker

Kim Ong is a self-taught home baker who has always enjoyed watching baking shows on TV ever since she was a little girl. When COVID-19 came into our lives, Kim spent most of the time in the kitchen and found that she really enjoyed it. After being encouraged by relatives and friends, she thought of starting her own brand where she sells products that she loves and enjoys eating. Everything on the menu are Kim’s personal favorites!

The Sunrise Baker’s Chocolate Indulgence Cake isn’t your usual dream cake. It’s a mix of rich and decadent chocolate cake with creamy and light Belgian chocolate mousse topped with a dark chocolate ganache and dusted cocoa. It’s also made with nothing but premium quality ingredients, and baked fresh with no preservatives. Of course, each cake is made with love, too. This is honestly one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever tasted in my life and I kept going back for more. Walang diet diet!

5. Mudcakes by V (@mudcakesbyv)


Mudcakes by V Chocolate Cake

Photo from Mudcakes by V

Mudcakes by V was born when Verna Mariano was going through a tough time in 2017. Her kids pushed her to start baking again to shift her focus and energy towards something more positive, and the brand ultimately helped Verna power through and reignite her love for baking. “I’ve tweaked our recipes ever since to continuously improve our selections,” Verna shares. She also makes it a point to create flavors that her children love since they are her best and worst critiques. Their mudcake is actually a 23-year-old recipe that has been experimented on numerous times until the taste was perfected.

Mudcakes by V aims to give us a raw feel of what a classic chocolate cake should taste like. While other brands might focus a bit too much on looks, Mudcakes by V will entice you with both their looks and taste. It definitely does not disappoint!

4. Sandro


Sandros Chocolate Cake

Photo from Sandro

Formerly known as Sweets by Arah, Sandro was reborn during the pandemic when Jazzel and her husband decided to restart their business after a hiatus while he was working as a pastry cook in the US. It is named after their son, Sandro, and their bestseller is their decadent chocolate cake. I’m really not surprised seeing as how insanely good it is. I found myself eating more and more of it until it was completely gone. I didn’t even share it with anyone. No regrets! Their decadent chocolate cake has been tweaked and adjusted to create a unique balance of taste and texture. It isn’t too sweet and all of the flavors and textures just come together so incredibly perfectly.

3. The cake is lava (@thecakeislava)


Cake is Lava Chocolate Cake

Photo by Sky Gavin

Victor Mercado has been working in the food industry for more than eight years now. When COVID-19 caused restaurants to close down, Victor had no choice but to stop working. This is when he started baking a lot – both as a hobby and as a stress reliever. Although trained in fine dining cuisine, he wanted to develop and sell something that would be accessible, different, simple, delicate, delicious, and Instagrammable. Enter The cake is lava’s chocolate cake with oozing chocolatey goodness.

Their Dark Choco Lava Cake uses fine Belgian dark chocolate and tastes even better when paired with vanilla ice cream. Their Lava Cheesecake, on the other hand, has a simple flavor but a complex texture. For a real chocolate overload, they offer their Hazelnut Choco Lava Cake which contains dark Belgian chocolate, hazelnut spread, and roasted hazelnuts – perfect for Nutella or Ferrero lovers. For a fusion of chocolate and cheesecake, they have the Marble Cheesecake. All of their cakes are freshly baked on he day of delivery with nothing but high quality ingredients. They also customize greeting cards for free in case you want to send someone special a cake during these trying times.

2. The Gourmet Baker (@thegourmetbaker)


The Gourmet Baker Chocolate Cake

Photo from The Gourmet Baker

The Gourmet Baker started in July 2020 when they had plenty of time due to quarantine. With more time and manpower, they tried new recipes and experimented a lot until they were ready for online pre-orders for their baked goodies. Fortunately, they had a lot of recipes on-hand since their mom attended several baking classes in the past. You will definitely get your money’s worth with The Gourmet Baker. They sell nothing but high quality baked goods that you are sure to love.

Their chocolate cake is a customer favorite and is actually the foundation of The Gourmet Baker. It is diverse, moist, rich, and decadent. Plus, it is affordable considering the quality that you will get out of it. They also sell Nutty Carrot Cake, Food For The Gods, Coco Custards, and Cream Cheese Chocolate Muffins.

1. The Cream Kitchen (@thecreamkitchen)


Cream Kitchen Chocolate Cake

Photo by Slice of Life MNL

Known as Pink Kisses eight years ago, The Cream Kitchen came about in mid-2020 when the owner rekindled her passion for baking, which she has always found therapeutic and fun. “I put up The Cream Kitchen to bring back classic and comfort food,” she explains. “Whenever someone tries my baked goodies, they will be reminded of home. It will always be homemade and baked with love.”

The Cream Kitchen’s signature desserts are their Decadent and Caramel Chocolate Cakes. Although these cakes might look like other cakes you see in the market, they actually have a unique taste that you won’t soon forget. They are very rich and moist, and not too sweet. Hindi nakakaumay in any way. At The Cream Kitchen, the products are baked fresh daily, so they require 1-2 days lead time to order.

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