Before Summer Ends: Show Off Your Sun-kissed Best with Negritas Swimwear


Summer’s sadly coming to an end; and with patches of sunlit days and cooler nights headed our way, these remaining days are our last chance to squeeze in a quick beach getaway. So while you’re at it, why not fill your last days of summer with bliss-filled memories and possibly the best-fitting swimwear for morenas like you and me, courtesy of Negritas? Here are my top 3 swimmies for soaking up those final rays of sun and looking absolutely cute while you’re at it:


Agata suit in Aruba, size xs


PHP 1,900 on


For hot midday walks on the beach: Agata in Aruba

This baby blue suit is equal parts chic and cheeky, its intricate back detail spicing up an otherwise modest and simple one-piece. The material, fit and design is great for a long day of just lounging at the beach and walking the length of the shoreline for hours on end. Added bonus? This shade of pastel blue looks absolutely smashing on deep morena skin. I personally thought pastel shades and dark skin just clash terribly, but this shade in particular compliments and even highlights that golden glow.



Juana suit in Noir, size xxs


PHP 2,000 at

For Happy Hour sunset sessions: Juana in Noir

Absolutely love the criss-cross string detail on the sides of this one, so on trend for this season. This unique strappy low v-neck number is the perfect partner for beachside cocktails and a sunset dip in the sea, proven and tested by yours truly. It might look like a skimpy suit that offers limited coverage, but this one’s pretty easy to move (and swim) around in without fear of potential wardrobe malfunction. It also comes with removable pads for added security.


Anatalia suit in White, size xs


PHP 1,900 at


That last sunny day before you go: Anatalia in White

Take advantage of your last sunny day at the beach with an especially flattering suit that effectively conceals all the fruit shakes and cocktails you’ve downed the night before. I put this suit on and had an instant confidence boost; it just looks  good on any shape and size! The classy halter neckline and the front matched with the super low back detail make for a nice contrast as well. You’ll totally make a splash at your last day on the beach with this one.


I honestly feel like all these suits were made especially for me – or rather, every other morena who’s been looking for that perfect suit that will flatter and highlight her best features and unique skin color. The brand name even says so! No clashing prints, seamless designs, and sizes that fit great! So glad to have worn these babies out before summer ended.

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Before Summer Ends: Show Off Your Sun-kissed Best with Negritas Swimwear


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