Beauty Vlogger Edward Advila Shares 7 Makeup Tips to Achieve Your K-Beauty Dreams

Written by Jesh Orquina / Photography by Chloe King

Let’s face it: Western makeup on an Asian face isn’t really the easiest thing to do. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that their facial features are very different from ours. Because of this, the Koreans decided to adapt; and they successfully came up with their own way of doing makeup. Here are 7 tips from beauty vlogger Edward Avila on how to nail that K-beauty look:

7 Makeup Tips to Achieve Your K-Beauty Dreams

Use the right tools.

For applying foundation, Edward highly recommends using a paddle brush. “It blends, like, really quickly. It thins [the foundation] out really well, but keeps the coverage there,” he explains. You get the finish of a sponge; but because the brush is so packed, it doesn’t absorb any of the product.

Edward Avila with a paddle brush

Edward Avila uses Club Clio’s Pro Play Master Brush

If you want to use a sponge, use a hydro sponge to even out the foundation. When using a hydro sponge, make sure to wet it first before using it on your face. A dry sponge will absorb anything that is liquid but if it already has water in it, it won’t soak up your foundation.

According to Edward, it’s really more about preference. “You can use whatever you want. For me, K-beauty is more about a certain look,” he says.

Make sure to spread out your foundation and concealer evenly.

No one likes it when makeup transfers to your hands on to your clothes. To prevent this, Edward recommends applying both the foundation and the concealer thinly and evenly. Doing this is one way to make sure that your makeup lasts longer, especially in the Philippines where the weather is super humid.

Edward Avila applying concealer

This is how Edward Avila applies concealer under his eyes.

Edward also doesn’t like applying too much concealer under his eyes. A lot of beauty vloggers apply concealer in a triangular shape under the eyes and although there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not how Edward prefers to do it.

“I still apply [concealer] triangularly but I mostly dot it and I don’t take it all the way up to the edge of my eyes because when you’re blending, it’s gonna spread everywhere. If you already have a gunk of concealer up to the edge of your eye, it’s gonna get really cakey especially if you put eyeshadow under your eye,” he explained. Not to mention that having too much product under your eye might cause creasing. Yikes!

Use a puff instead of a brush for applying powder.

The powder brush seems to be the go-to tool when it comes to applying powder these days. Edward explains that this isn’t always the best thing to do.

Edward Avila using a powder puff

Edward Avila using a powder puff to set his makeup

“If you have oily skin or you have a [skin] texture like me where you have to really smooth it out or you live in a humid place where you think everything is going to melt off, I really recommend using a puff because it really pushes the powder into the skin like a proper layer.” Just dab the powder and you’re done!

Use two shades for contouring.

For a more natural look, use two contour shades instead of one. Put the lighter shade first on where you usually contour and then add the darker shade to really add dimension.

Edward Avila contouring

Edward Avila applying nose contour

For contouring your nose, Edward says that you want to follow the biggest part of your nose when contouring to make it look slimmer. If you wanna go a little extra, you can also put the contour shade on the outer part of your nose for more depth.

Bonus: Use a highlighter to make your cheeks wider.

This will create the illusion of a slimmer nose.

Use eyeliner to make your eyes look longer.

When it comes to K-beauty, eyeliner is usually used to make the eyes look longer.

Edward recommends following your upper lash line and then going down or doing a straight line with a brown eyeliner.

Edward Avila using eyeliner

Edward Avila lining his eyes to elongate his eye shape

After this, you can use an angled brush and a dark brown shadow similar to your eyeliner color to blend out the eyeliner.

Dab lipstick on your lips instead of swiping them.

For a more natural look, Edward prefers to dab lipstick on his lips and then blend the color with his fingers.

Edward Avila lipstick

Want your lipstick color to look more natural?

Just dab them on your lips and blend it out with your fingers!

For more dimension, use two similar shades of lipstick. Use the lighter shade as your base color and then dab the other shade near the center of the lips.

Use a skincare mist instead of a setting spray.

According to Edward, “If you do your makeup right, it should last all day so [setting spray] isn’t really necessary.”

Edward Avila face mist

Edward Avila uses a Goodal face mist after finishing his makeup

Despite not being a fan of setting spray, he does recommend using a skincare mist especially if you use powder. The mist will melt all the powders together so it looks like a second skin.

Edward Avila x Club Clio

Edward Avila x Club Clio

Edward Avila x Club Clio was held at SM Makati last May 26 to celebrate the launch of Club Clio Philippines. Club Clio has branches at Trinoma, SM City Fairview, Robinsons Galleria, Lucky Chinatown, SM Makati, SM Mall of Asia, and Festival Mall.

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