BBC Features Heartbreaking Photo About Manila

BBC Features Heartbreaking Photo About Manila

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 a picture speaks a thousand words

Around the end of last month, BBC World News featured this photo in their “A Day in Pictures” album on their Facebook page. The photo shows a homeless family shelter under a flyover in Manila.

The post got the attention of many and gained various reactions from Filipinos and foreigners. Some said it was unfair for this photo to  be posted as it gave a bad image about the Philippines in general. They even suggested that BBC should also post photos of our famous beaches etc. Others acknowledged the “sad reality” being told in the photo and were so saddened about our economic situation.

I’m sure you’ll agree that we have countless beautiful places which we are truly proud of, but how about our fellow Pinoys who are homeless and are deprived from basic needs like shelter and food? Has the government forgotten about them?


What can you say about this photo?

Do you think it reflects our country’s present situation?

How can we Filipinos breakaway from poverty?



BBC Features Heartbreaking Photo About Manila

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