Balayage: The 2015 Hairstyle Trend for a Summery Sun-Kissed Look


Summer is fast approaching and to keep yourself in style, you’d better know what the hairstyle trend of 2015 is. Ombre was a huge obsession last year and towards the end of 2014, balayage slowly crept in. What ombre and balayage have brought into the New Year, though, is the tortoise shell.

In a nutshell, tortoise shell involves golden highlights with caramel and some darker tones. Your hair should frame your face in with light pieces all around colored softly like a painting, as with my new hair.

Achieving a sun-kissed look perfect for summer

I got this balayage from my good friend Buddy Congson who owns Envy Me Salon at Robinsons Galleria. I always love sun-kissed looks because they perfectly compliment my tan and because I am always at the beach. Might as well look the part when I’m there!

It usually takes 2-4 hours to get a balayage. They have to give you a base color, bleach your hair and treat it to make it stronger, softer and easier to manage.

Achieving a sun-kissed look perfect for summer

As you can see, the lighter streaks are spread all throughout with some framing of the face.

Achieving a sun-kissed look perfect for summer

The streaks look great even when you have your hair up or in a bun. 

Achieving a sun-kissed look perfect for summer

It is even more perfect when your hair is wavy or curly.

Many may be scared of ruining their hair when they get it bleached and while it is common knowledge that the hair is more prone to breakage when chemicals are in it, this balayage by Buddy is perfect as it treats the hair with Lumen Oil that reconstructs it afterwards.

Now that the sun is almost up, don’t forget to get your hair balayage before hitting the beach!

Envy Me Salon

3rd Floor West Wing, Robinsons Galleria 

Tel No.  576-4716 / 0933-139-1217


Balayage by Buddy

Mobile No. 0947 992 7093

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