Back pain in your area? This tita starter kit may just be for you

Bonus: it features amazing artwork by local artists on the front, too!

You know you’ve officially become a tita when you switch your tiny purse for a big bag—one loaded with tissues, wipes, medicines, and anything you may need for an emergency. At least for me, that is. Oh, and let’s not forget menthol balms and oils. We titas love that stuff!

There are many menthol products and soothing balms available in the market, and it’s no surprise, really. Body pains come suddenly, and we need to always be prepared. And if we’re talking about a classic, there’s always Katinko.

A brand that’s been around for quite a while, Katinko offers soothing oils, ointments, and even balms. The latter comes in a characteristic green color and a strong menthol smell. Although the brand is no stranger to offering kits with its bestsellers, Katinko made the packaging fancier this time around—the kind that comes with a wooden box and artwork.

#KatinkoArtbox is a project that aims to promote local artists by showcasing their works. Currently, the brand is in partnership with artist Francis Nacion, who created the artwork for the Katinko art boxes that were introduced just recently. Take a look!

Photo from Katinko

Photo from Katinko

Photo from Katinko

Photo from Katinko

The Katinko art box features a 7.5” x 10.5“ wooden box with Katinko oil, ointment, and alcohol inside. Each box is priced at P1,500. For orders and inquiries, you can contact the brand through Facebook or Instagram (@katinko.artbox).

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What are some tita essentials that you carry around with you?

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