Avril Lavigne in Manila: Our Sk8er Girl Rocked Araneta Coliseum!

Avril Lavigne: Our Sk8er Girl Rocked Araneta Coliseum!


When In Manila, I’m sure a lot of people went to Avril Lavigne’s concert. Well, if you were there, you should know how crazy the crowd was! Screaming fan girls and fan boys all over Araneta Coliseum were excited to see their rocker chic perform their favorite tunes, and also to meet new people within the fandom. 

avril lavigne wheninmanila.com 6Avril Lavigne’s crowd in Manila


The crowd already screamed moments before Avril showed up on stage; it was like they read her mind when she was coming out on stage! That’s some serious artist-fan connection right there!

The concert started with a video to warm up the crowd, then Avril Lavigne finally jumped to her spot wearing an outfit that was so cute! It had Hello Kitty heads hanging off of her poofy tutu skirt – so cute! She opened with her “Hello Kitty” song and followed things up with her spunky hit single “Girlfriend.” Everyone sang along right from the get-go. It was such a nice sound to hear everyone group-chanting down to every single word of her songs.  

avril lavigne wheninmanila.com 2Avril Lavigne looked so adorable with her huge bow headband!


avril lavigne wheninmanila.com 3Manila was so excited to sing along to every single word of Avril Lavigne’s songs


Avril Lavigne in Manila – with Special Guest Chad Kroeger!

You know what was the best part of the concert, though? Avril Lavigne’s husband, Chad Kroeger, popped out of nowhere and began singing with her! Their duet was so sweet, especially when Chad kissed Avril. It made everyone go “awww”! 

avril lavigne wheninmanila.com 7Chad Kroeger sang a duet with Avril Lavigne


Since I’m more of a fan of the early Avril, I was really looking forward to seeing her perform “Don’t Tell Me” and “Happy Ending.” Her set list was so awesome, she actually performed these two songs back-to-back!!! I was like, how did she know?! Yes, here comes in the artist-fan connection ;D

avril lavigne wheninmanila.com 4Our Sk8r Girl rocked the entire Smart Araneta Coliseum!


Even after singing her heart out, the fans were still asking for more. They chanted “We want more!” and “Avril! Avril!” just to test their convincing skills if she was going to jump back on stage. Since she loves her Manila fans oh-so-much, she did an encore.

The night wouldn’t be complete without a few more extra songs just to close the whole show and also to prepare the fans to call it a night. Of course, the concert would not just end there, either. It will remain in all the hearts and memories of everyone who went to see their Sk8er Girl who rocked their brains out when in Manila! 

avril lavigne wheninmanila.com 8Life’s like this, uh huh, that’s the way it is..


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 Thank you to Midas Promotions for an amazing event and for bringing our favorite artist closer to home!

This is not good bye, little black stars!

Avril Lavigne in Manila: Our Sk8er Girl Rocked Araneta Coliseum!


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