Top 10 Reasons To See Avril Lavigne Live In Manila


10. She was our main rebel icon as the angsty teen back in our high school days.
She broke the delicate image that all girls have to be dainty and leave the punkrocking to the boys. Come on, admit it: she’s our voice and ambassador when it comes to going against the norm. That’s why we instantly fell in love with that girl in the tank top and neck tie.
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9. Her fashion is very diverse, and so is her music.
We’ve seen her style and her music change throughout the years. She started as the boyish necktie-wearing gal and then turned into a classy ballerina princess, but she still managed to keep the punk rock chick in her intact. Her music changed, too – but in a good way. Notice how she used to wear dark hoodies all the time? If you had to put a piece of clothing to her first few albums, it would be dark hoodies. Now, her music is catchy and with the contagious pop vibe punched to it, I can imagine it wearing a pink skirt and/or poofy dresses just like her style is now.
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8. She wore the necktie better than anyone.
Yes, I can’t help but emphasise on the necktie. She was the one who made it cool. She made it look cooler than when guys wore it. She made it look cooler than corporate suits. She made it a statement – her statement. Enough said.
7. She covered a classic rock song.
As tough as the song is to cover, she managed to sing it well. Very well, to be honest. She also recorded this song to raise awareness about the wars going on around the world:

6. She covered a song from a band disliked by a lot of people.
Not just that, she also married the lead singer from a band that a lot of people dislike: Nickelback. Personally, I don’t have anything against Nickelback, so I don’t even understand why people bash them. Anyway, Avril did a wonderful version of her hubby’s song! She turned the song a full 360 twist: a softer and calmer rendition from the original! What a talented artist Avril is!
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5. She married Chad Kroeger, and made the Nickelback haters love him.
See, I told you I don’t get why people hate Nickelback or Chad Kroeger if they’ll turn back to loving them/him in the end. Maybe it’s just the influence Avril has over her fans? I’m not sure. And hey, Nickelback has nice songs anyway, so don’t hate. Look how cute and happy they are!!
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4. She has a punk-tastic clothing brand, Abbey Dawn
Performing is not Avril’s only forté, either; she’s also an amazing fashion designer. Her clothing brand, Abbey Dawn, was inspired by her childhood when her father nicknamed her “Abbey Dawn”, and her high school friends called her Abbey. The line is influenced by her personal rock and roll style plus her brother’s band’s style. I would personally wear ALL her designs! They’re so dainty yet punkrock, perfectly my style! Even if her designs matured from its first collection, she’s still staying true to her original taste. 
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3. She ate a cockroach during the set of Sk8er Boi
This is so Avril Lavinge – daring and not afraid to do anything! If you’ve watched the behind-the-scenes footage for Sk8er Boi, they found a dead cockroach on-set and her band mates dared her to put it in her mouth for quite a long time! I know, Ewww, but hey Avril did it coz she’s cool.

2. She evolved through the years.
Apologies if I made Avril sound like a Pokémon, but I’m just so amazed at how she “evolved” from the whatever-goes teenager to a mature grown-up version of herself, but still with her original flare. As a fan since the earlier Avril days, I can say it’s quite a dramatic change for her music and image but at the end of the day after a lot of discussion, she is still Avril. Get it? 
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If you still don’t know the number one reason, then I’ll make it easy for you!
1. She’s Avril freakin’ Lavigne!!
A girl of many talents – she sings, she plays guitar, she plays the piano, she has a kick-ass clothing line, she was married to Sum41’s singer Deryck Whibley, got a quiet and friendly divorce, appeared in a number of movies, delivers a great performance on stage, recorded five successful albums, married Chad Kroeger, she stands up for what she believes in, she’s a non-conformist, she’s our punk rock princess. I could just go on and on about how awesome Avril Ramona Lavigne is! So now to see for yourselves, grab a ticket to her upcoming concert at the Araneta Coliseum this February 17, 2014 when in Manila!!!
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Tickets are still available at www.ticketnet.com.ph and Ticketnet outlets.
For inquiries, call 911-5555.
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Top 10 Reasons To See Avril Lavigne Live In Manila