Once upon a time, there was a geek named Raffy who refused to see the warm sunlight of day and instead chose to stay indoors with his best friends the PS3, the Internet, and the myriad of novels in his bookshelf. Then, one fateful day, everything changed when he graduated from high school and was forced to go to school himself as opposed to just riding a school bus. That's when he met the city and fell in love with her. He was overwhelmed by the vastness of what his mom used to call the "outside" and vowed from then on to expose himself more to the world and catch up on what he's missed locked up inside the small box he called his room. When In Manila is where he posts his observations and insights of the city he sees and feels. Raffy is a lover of steampunk,, video games, Judy Garland, French New Wave films, and also writes fiction himself. Check out his blog: theloneponderer.wordpress.com and be sure to follow him on Twitter to add to his self-esteem (he eats self-esteem for breakfast) https://twitter.com/radicalraffy