Somerset Olympia Makati: 7 Reasons to Love Their Family-Oriented Serviced Apartments

Somerset Olympia Makati: 7 Reasons to Love Their Family-Oriented Serviced Apartments


We Filipinos are very connected to our families. We highly value their presence more than anything. In fact, it’s one of the most remarkable traits of Filipinos, which even makes our heroes, the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), highly-employed due to their signature familial brand of care – even for those who are not related to them. And speaking of “families”, this is not just exclusive to humans, but it also surely includes our pet companions as well!

Fortunately, we found a nice establishment of serviced apartments right along Makati Avenue that is really family-oriented. From the big and homey apartments, proximity to key locations in Makati, genuine service and the fact that they welcome and allow pets with open arms, it surely can make you feel like stating “I’m home”. The name of this family-oriented place is Somerset Olympia Makati, and we came up with 7 reasons to love this place!



somerset_olympia_2View of Somerset from the Ayala Triangle 

somerset_olympia_3the lobby of Somerset Olympia


We checked-in at around 2:30pm, half an hour later than their regular 2pm check-in time. A cash deposit and an ID were required for the check-in. Thankfully, we did not encounter extra hurdles for our tardiness hahaha

To give you a brief background of Somerset Olympia Makati, it previously served as a building of private residences until it was renovated and taken over by Somerset to turn into a serviced one a few decades ago. With that, its layout and interiors has a 90’s feel that would make you feel like you are in your grandma’s house, which makes it even homier. Just a trivia – as you can see Somerset’s lobby from the photo above, it’s located in the basement which has stairs that lead up and down to the street, reflecting the years when majority of hotels in Manila were designed to hold out against bomb threats.

Anyway, Somerset Olympia Makati has a total of 149 apartments which are categorized into the spacious studio type and the expansive two-bedroom apartment, and we got to have an overnight in one of their house-looking two-floor, two-bedroom apartment. 🙂


7 Reasons to Love Somerset Olympia Makati’s Family-Oriented Serviced Apartments


7. The apartment just felt really homey. Plus, it was big!

The size and features of their apartments are perfect for families (or other groups you would treat as family). “Ay, di ako nainform, bahay naman pala hahaha”, my friend, Derick, said. It’s as if a townhouse from one of Villar’s Camella Homes was taken out and placed in Somerset.


somerset_olympia_6The Living Room 

somerset_olympia_7(left) The working desk at the 2nd floor; (right) Yes, there is a staircase (makes you imagine how big it is)

The apartment features a nicely-furnished living and modern kitchen facility, a home entertainment system, very spacious bedrooms, wooden flooring, plain white walls and lots of spaces (which can be helpful if you have some really playful kids and pets). Of course, this one should be a must – they have a super fast Wi-Fi connection (there’s a time limit, though) !


somerset_olympia_8(left) The hallway leading to the master’s bedroom, wherein there’s a spare maid’s room and bathroom at the left while the second room is at the right; (right) a peek of the bathroom of the Master’s bedroom 

somerset_olympia_9The second room featuring its two single beds 

somerset_olympia_10The Master’s Bedroom 

somerset_olympia_12(left) bathroom for the secondary bedroom perhaps; (right) the open cabinet for the Master’s

somerset_olympia_13The modern kitchen was really big and well-equipped! It just looks like a regular subdivision home kitchen. 

somerset_olympia_14Derick’s grandma even visited us! 🙂


6. Somerset Olympia’s is near key Makati destinations.

Somerset Olympia is just a few minutes away from key locations in Makati. You can actually just wake up, take a bath, dress up and walk for maybe 5-10 minutes to reach some of them. Jog at Ayala Triangle, have a walkathon and treat your family at Glorietta, attend mass at the nearby Sto. Nino de Paz chapel at Greenbelt, and run financial errands at the various banks nearby – these are just some of the things you can IMMEDIATELY finish upon stepping out of Somerset.


capture-20141102-175255The location of Somerset and its nearby locations 🙂 

somerset_olympia_16Just in 10 minutes (via car with traffic), we already reached the Ayala Museum where we visited a Philippine History art exhibit. 🙂 (We had no pictures inside since it’s not allowed)

somerset_olympia_36 Selfie pag may time..

somerset_olympia_29Well, this one’s just located beside their lobby; I deemed it would be a nice destination for those who are fans of spas haha


5. They are very pet-friendly!

As cat and dog lovers, we admire Somerset Olympia for this. There are not a lot of hotels/apartments around that allow pets to be taken in, so it’s good news that there’s one right in Makati Avenue. 


somerset_olympia_4Check out their gallery of guests with their dogs!


4. You can get fantastic skyline views like this from the (small) balcony.

 Wake up and step into the balcony of the apartment to see fantastic skyline views like these.





3. The homelike facilities are operated by a great staff.

Somerset is not just homelike and family-oriented; it is also manned by a great staff! Moreover, they have a nice set of facilities and services that fits families, business and leisure travelers well. Here are some of them:

  • 24-hour security & closed-circuit TV surveillance
  • Airport transfer (upon request)
  • Babysitting service
  • Business Centre services which include:
    • Mailing
    • Courier service
    • Secretarial services
    • Photocopying
    • Facsimile
    • Conference room rental
  • Daily maid service
  • Fitness Gym
  • Laundry & dry cleaning services
  • Limousine service


somerset_olympia_30the sole laundry room at the basement parking


somerset_olympia_28 Had a quick workout at their gym near the lobby

somerset_olympia_17The swimming pool just beside the gym

somerset_olympia_18We had a min bbq party at night by the swimming pool, thanks to the Somerset staff!

somerset_olympia_15In case you’ll need some chauffeur service around the metro, Kuya Choy Lauriano, their resident chauffeur for more than 10 years already, can take you on a ride in this classy Nissan  🙂

somerset_olympia_23Derick with Mr. Wilfred Palomar of Somerset Olympia’s Housekeeping


2. It’s just in front of the popular Ayala Triangle!

Popular for its annual Christmas lights show, the Ayala Triangle is home to a great row of restaurants, the Philippine Stock Exchange, groups of friends who just love to stay there, and joggers. Somerset Olympia being just less than a minute away from it is such an asset especially when you just want to sweat it out in an airy setting full of beautiful tress, or put on a few pounds courtesy of the great restaurants there (like Banapple!)



somerset_olympia_31We went for a quick stroll to appreciate the silence of Ayala Triangle on a Sunday morning


1. Lastly, there’s a branch of OLD SWISS INN right in Somerset Olympia 🙂

There are only two branches of the infamous Old Swiss Inn here – one in Paco, Manila and the other one is at Somerset Olympia! They are famous for their signature Swiss specialties – such as the Waatlander Fondue we tried – and their Midnight Menu. They’re also a popular choice for functions like debuts, birthdays and business meetings. Visit Old Swiss Inn and you’ll feel like you’ve just been transported somewhere in Zürich.



somerset_olympia_22HMMMMMM them buns…



The mouthwatering bowl of goodness above is the VERY HOT classic Swiss cheese fondue, the Waatlander. It consists of bread cubes in melted Gruyere and Emmenthal cheese with some kirsche for that extra punch.

Gruyere is a kind of hard yellow cheese whose name originates from a Swiss town, while the Emmenthal is another Swiss cheese that is considered to be one of the hardest cheese to produce due to its fermentation process. Meanwhile, kirsche is a liqueur(yes, it’s a liqueur) made from fermented and distilled cherries, so yeah, expect an amount of kick in your head after eating Old Swiss Inn’s Waatlander 😉


somerset_olympia_26The complimentary breakfast of Somerset Olympia are also held at the Old Swiss Inn


Old Swiss Inn also serves as the main caterer for the Somerset Olympia Makati guests, so expect to have a good ol’ breakfast buffet here 🙂


somerset_olympia_25Breakfast at Old Swiss Inn with the crew (and Derick’s grandma)!


So, there you have it! Those are our 7 reasons to love Somerset Olympia Makati’s family-oriented serviced apartments (and their services, proximity to places, etc. ). We would just like to thank Ms. Pam, Ms. Sue and the rest of the Somerset Olympia staff for the experience 🙂

So, when looking for an accomodation that will fit your family and your personal needs as well, Somerset Olympia Makati would be a recommendable A-list option.







Know more about the great sister property of Somerset Olympia Makati, the Ascott Residences Makati, at






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Tel: .+63 2 812 1010

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Somerset Olympia Makati: 7 Reasons to Love Their Family-Oriented Serviced Apartments