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When In Manila, get a map leading to your dream destination. Reach for the stars as Asian Academy for Television Arts mold you into becoming the next big thing in the entertainment industry. Offering basic to advance performing arts and creative scriptwriting courses, the academy aims to create competent students that is knowledgable in both the on-screen and off-screen aspect of television. 


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Triple Threat. Musical theater actors often use this term for being able to sing, dance and act in their plays. But even if they’re not used in unison, these interrelated skills complement each other to better express emotions verbally and through body language. The academy prepares their students to become multi-talented performers through a series of training in all the three branches of performing arts.




Just like how a painter must master his pallete and paint brush, so must an actor know how to use his medium well. But unlike others, an actor’s tool isn’t detachable nor sold anywhere else – it’s his body, mind and heart that must be trained. And it’s not just through script reading, it all starts with having a basic foundation to be able to fully emerge oneself into character. They do this using different exercises that train their body movements, facial expressions and improvisation skills every week. 




The students take on another challenge once they get their scripts. It’s time for them to portray another persona as they try to get into their character’s shoes. The main difference between Asian Academy for Television Arts and summer theater workshops is that aside from their culminating activity, they also do monologue recordings that the actor can use for auditions. Here they are taught how to move through the camera’s frames and how to angle themselves properly and naturally. Graced by the actress, musical director and acting coach – Ms. Maria Ofelia “Upeng” Galang- Fernandez, the workshop promises variety in every session that will increase the actor’s flexibility in taking in different kinds of roles. I’ve only joined them for a day, but I’ve started to miss acting already after a few hours. They’ve even let me join in their script reading which made the day more fulfilling. 




Every meeting they also get to learn a new dance routine. Choreographer, dancer, actor and also a senior artist of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (also known as PETA) who won various awards for dance – Mr. Carlon Matobato is their instructor. The course also incorporates body movements and acting through imaginative exercises. They have a motto that if you “believe in it” then you can visualize it and finally do it. If the dancer imagines himself dancing the routine, it becomes easier to actually perform the steps. We started with warm-ups and stretching followed by the dance and a personality development training specialized for dancers before the session ends.




Belt out a tune with their vocal coaches Mr. Thad Mangulaban – a UP Conservatory of Music graduate, Ms. Neomi Tabanao Gonzales – also from UP majoring in Music Education and Ms. Ailene Veria Amargo – from UST Conservatory of Music majoring in vocal performance with a minor in piano. Starting with the usual do-re-mi‘s and proper breathing, the workshoppers prepare themselves for an actual recording of their song.




The results of their hard work will finally be seen (or better yet, heard) after weeks of perseverance. A recital will also be held to better evaluate their performance and transformation. For 14 sessions they get to slowly transition into an artist in the making with talent to boot! They’re also entitled to a make-over session and photoshoot for their setcards, together with a certificate when they finish the course.


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As they say “Age doesn’t matter“. The workshop isn’t just for adults and teens, the little chikitings can also join in with batch 1 catering kids aged 4 – 6 years old and batch 2 for the 7 – 12 years old! 





The modules are technically the same, with the kid’s workshop designed especially for them to feel like the stage is their playpen. The teachers are there to mentor them and build their confidence. Kids are more inclined to learn without inhibitions, they are natural in expressing their emotions and to pull-out their hidden talents in a friendly and fun atmosphere is what the teachers are trying to achieve.




Other than acting, they also have dancing and exercises along with voice lessons. The performing arts course for adults, teens and kids can also be customized for the student’s needs. They can take voice only or an acting and dance combo, individually or by pairs, it’s up for the students to decide which course they want to take.




The academy offers their courses all-throughout the year!  The next batch for adults and teens will start on June 9 while the kids’ course will start on April 29 for the 4 – 6 years old and May 2 for 7 – 12 years old! 



If the actor lives in the fictional world, the writer is the one that creates it. Asian Academy for Television Arts also specialize in honing off-screen talents with their Creative Scriptwriting Workshop. In the workshop, scriptwriters from the industry teaches them from the basics – pitching stories, creating a plot, story flow, character creation and more. To more advance workshops that enables them to specialize in what they love to write the most. On-screen or off-screen, learning about both sides complements the other. Acting gives the writer an in-depth description on what to write, while writing makes the actor better at understanding their characters. 




If you can’t reach the stars, be one! Take note, this is the place where the rising celebrities of TV5’s Artista Academy once trained. 😉 So When In Manila, have the confidence to follow your heart and dreams. It’s never too late to start, so do it now and don’t wait till next time!




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Asian Academy for Television Arts: Your Way to Stardom