Anthologie: Modern Filipina Fashion Done Right

athologie blue dress

We all know that the Philippines has a lot to offer, not only in terms of amazing destinations, but in terms of its products, as well. Fashion is one of the booming industries and more people are getting into it and taking it seriously. Having a multicultural background, fashion has a way of showing how diverse and creative Filipinos are when it comes to clothing. If you support local fashion, you should check out this Filipino clothing brand called “Anthologie”.

Anthologie provides locally made dresses inspired by local culture, perfectly representing the modern Filipina. Famous people like Lyn Ching, Gladys Reyes and Ana Roces have already worn them:

celebs anthologie

They are also known for their Barong Dresses, which is basically a twist of the barong that men wear for formal gatherings that women can wear to work.

anthologie clothing

You can also show off your legs and match it with whichever shoes you want while still giving off a demure vibe.. Apparently, they get sold out pretty quickly, but I’m really interested in getting one myself. Just look at how creative our Filipino designers are.

anthologie gif blue dress

This is called the Aldana shift dress. What I like about this is that it’s really “presko”. With our kind of weather, this is perfect because the fabric is not too thick and not too thin. This one’s in blue, but they also have it in yellow. The style is great for both casual meetings and formal events.

white anthologie

This white patched polo dress, on the other hand, is a timeless trend; it looks both preppy and casual. The dress has 3/4 length sleeves and a short A-line fit. You can easily match any accessories or shoes with it.

white anthologie patch

I usually don’t like wearing tight, thick or heavy clothing, but this shirt dress simply looks too great to miss out on for any occasion.

I think it’s great to have good balance when it comes to clothing. You could be having a business meeting in the morning then go strolling at the mall, and these clothes would still work; you’d still look fashionable. That’s why it’s perfect for the modern Filipina who needs to balance work and life well on a daily basis.

Not only does this brand support the local fashion industry, but they also helping the aeta community on the coast of Ilagan, Isabela. So, for every bit of clothing that you buy from them, part of the proceeds go to this Indigenous tribe in the form of clothes, books and food.

(These locally made bags complement these beautiful dresses really well.)


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