LOOK: These Locally-Made Personalized Duffle Bags Deserve A Spot On Your Wish List

The holidays are coming up and, of course, we’ve all got our own preferences on what we want to get as gifts. If you’re one who enjoys traveling or at least loves to go around, then bags probably have a substantial amount of space on your wish list. To help you out with picking the right kind of bag, we’re sharing with you a local brand that offers bags that are perfect for the traveler’s lifestyle.

Helios Philippines is a local bag brand that specializes in drawstrings and tote bags for both men and women. And yes, all their bags are locally made in the Philippines.

HELIOS PHILIPPINES 6Leto Duffle Bag Standard (in Onyx with gold letters) // PHP 1, 500

This particular brand is best known for their duffle bags that can be personalized with whatever text you want to be embroidered on them. I am honestly obsessed with how stylish their duffle bags are. It can easily go well with any outfit–from classy dresses to casual tees.

Aside from the timeless design of their duffle bags, their products are extremely sturdy and well-made! The canvas used as its fabric is durable and can easily carry great weights. Every stitch is strong and clean. Plus, the zipper and straps are all of high-quality.

HELIOS PHILIPPINES 1Leto Duffle Bag Compact (in Kale with black letters) // PHP 1, 300

You can choose between their standard Leto Duffle Bag (perfect for carrying around a few weeks’ worth of clothes) and the compact version (best for just a few days of traveling).

Their drawstrings are also a must-have for every traveler, or even for one who just needs a bag! They have four fashionable styles to choose from, and each one has several varieties. I was very pleased with how excellent each one was. I definitely loved how any of their drawstring designs could easily complete any #OOTD. Honestly, I never thought drawstring bags could be this chic and world-class.

HELIOS PHILIPPINES 7Eros Drawstring Bag (Black & Gold) // PHP 600   |   Titan Drawstring Bag (Chestnut) // PHP 600

If you’re one who always aims for traveling in style, these bags are definite must-haves for your travel essentials. If you’re a homebody whose idea of travel is going to school or work everyday, Helios’ bags are also perfect for everyday use because of their sturdiness and timeless design.

Whatever kind of lifestyle you have, these bags from Helios can help you carry everything you’ll need in life.


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