Anniversary “Jollibee” Surprise Is Not What You Think

Anniversary “Jollibee” Surprise Is Not What You Think

Anniversaries are significant milestones in a relationship. Thus, almost everybody in a relationship tries their best to give the sweetest surprise come the day of their anniversary. May it be a simple handwritten letter filled with words of affection, a dinner to some fancy restaurant, an adventure done by the couple for the first time, or tight hugs and sweet kisses; anniversary surprises make the celebration even more endearing and memorable. 

A couple we know just celebrated their anniversary (Happy Anniversary, you guys!). And what seemed to be a plain and simple surprise in the beginning turned out to be something more in the end. Here’s how it went.

When the lady asked, “What are we doing for our anniversary?” The guy replied, “Jollibee.”

He said he was serious… sort of.

Here’s a photo of the anniversary Jollibee surprise.

Anniversary Surprise Jollibee (5) 

Yes, this is a Jollibee surprise.. or so it seems. Jollibee Chicken Joy surprise is surely a delight any time, but since it’s an anniversary…

Anniversary Surprise Jollibee (4) 

What? A bucket but no chicken inside? Is this another case of #ChickenSad

Of course, I kid.

The Jollibee surprise probably made the lady smile, but the sight of this probably made her smile even wider.

Anniversary Surprise Jollibee (2) 

Nice. I think the guy is doing a good job so far.

Anniversary Surprise Jollibee (3)  

Personalized engraving? Yes? Yes!

The engraving said, “Happy Anniversary. I love you.”

Anniversary Surprise Jollibee (1) 

Again, to Frank and Myka, Happy Anniversary guys! We hope you have more of these momentous events together and we look forward to more surprises in the future. Man, you have to top this one next time.

Do you have sweet stories of surprises?

Share them with us!!!

Anniversary “Jollibee” Surprise Is Not What You Think

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