Are You Also #ChickenSad?

Are You Also #ChickenSad?


Yesterday, I went for a quick drive-thru in Jollibee Libis. It was still a bit early so I was hoping I would score some breakfast.

When I reached the drive-thru window and started ordering, the cashier told me they don’t have breakfast anymore that day but the regular menu is already available.

So, of course, I wanted the Chicken Joy. As another disappointment, the cashier told me they were out of chicken.

What??? Jollibee has no chicken?

Much to my dismay, I left the drive-thru area with an empty stomach still, no meal on hand, and so much confusion.

I thought it was just an isolated case until netizens started posting about similar disappointment on social media.

No Chicken Joy in Jollibee.

Then the hashtag #ChickenSad surfaced on Twitter with a post from one of Jollibee’s competitors, @KFCPhilippines.

ChickenSad (1)

Following that, sentiments and witty banters surfaced the microblogging site.

Here are a few.

ChickenSad (2) ChickenSad (3) ChickenSad (4) ChickenSad (5)ChickenSad (7) ChickenSad (8)ChickenSad (9) ChickenSad (10)ChickenSad (11) ChickenSad (12) ChickenSad (13)


But it seems that it’s not #ChickenSad everywhere since there are also tweets saying they have Chicken Joy in the Jollibee near them.

ChickenSad (6)ChickenSad (14)


Various media outlets such as Inquirer, PhilStar, GMA News, and Rappler reported that the unavailability of Chicken Joy is caused by a system upgrade. According to the news, Jollibee released a statement saying:

We would like to clarify that this is NOT a supply issue or a chicken shortage situation. Rest assured that this is only temporary as we are working round the clock to ensure that all our products – including Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti and Yumburgers – will be made available again in all the affected stores soonest. In fact, some of these stores have already begun offering these Jollibee favorites again. We would like to sincerely apologize for this temporary inconvenience, and thank our customers for bearing with us.


I don’t know if it is a marketing stint as some say. It could be but I also believe that the losses Jollibee is incurring right now with its lost sales is also great compared to the free exposure it is getting from this “glitch”.

And it does not seem like they still need exposure.

Whatever it is that is hindering those chickens from reaching the stores, I hope it gets sorted soon.

Chicken Joy gives a feeling of nostalgia and of being home. I wish for a plateful of home again one of these days.

Are you also #ChickenSad?




Are You Also #ChickenSad?