Altamira Boutique House: A Balinese Getaway in Tagaytay

Palm trees, gorgeous swimming pools, golden lights, tropical décor – nothing shouts “Paradise!” more than a Balinese getaway. That picturesque scene laying by the pool under a shade of palm tree is everyone’s ideal summer destination. If you’re eyeing to go to Bali, Indonesia just for that; you don’t have to go far anymore because that kind of resort is closer than you think. IMG 2367

Just a few hours’ drive to the south, Altamira Boutique House is a rising beauty in Tagaytay that you should definitely check out. They opened their door to the public just last February, but they have already been attracting a number of guests with its charming Bali-inspired house. From structure to décor, you will feel like you’re in another country immersing yourself in its beauty and culture.  IMG 2392

Altamira Boutique House is located inside a village in Tagaytay Highlands. The exclusivity and privacy offer a haven for those who want to escape urban life if even just for a little while. At first glance, you will immediately be in awe of this two-story high house; upon entering, you’ll love it even more. 

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You’ll be greeted by an astonishing high ceiling lobby where two house butlers, Estrella and Erni, will welcome you with hot towels and a refreshing drink. They are there to assist you throughout your whole stay to make your time at Altimira Boutique House the best in terms of luxury, convenience, and comfort. They’ll give you a tour of the whole house where you’ll see the entertainment room, the swimming pool, the kitchen, and the balcony. After that, you’ll be led to your designated room.  IMG 2374

The whole house has five rooms overall that vary in size and design, each one of which is good for two people (breakfast included). If you plan on bringing an extra person, an additional charge will be made but they will also be given a bed and morning breakfast.  

The Rooms

Room #1IMG 2368

The first room is located on the first floor and has the most limited natural light. It’s your typical hotel room with a comfortable queen-sized bed and a couch. This is ideal for those who first and foremost search for tranquility. 

Room #2IMG 2518

Room #2 is a very beautiful room with sophisticated paintings hanging over the bed. The paintings were bought by the owners of the house when they traveled abroad and decided to place thet in one of Altamira Boutique House’s room to give it a touch of authenticity. IMG 2520

What makes this room even more captivating is that it has a balcony overlooking the Taal Lake, guaranteeing a magnificent sight every morning.  

Room #3IMG 2354

This room is pretty straightforward and is what most couples get. The lighting hits the room perfectly, giving it a nice glow as the guests enjoy the softness of the sheets. Since it is located on the 2nd floor, it also has a gorgeous view of the outdoors. 

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