Altamira Boutique House: A Balinese Getaway in Tagaytay

Room #4

Most groups of friends like this room as it gives them the time to bond with each other inside and at the balcony. Imagine enjoying the breeze outside as you play your favorite music and create lasting memories with your buddies.  

Room #5 

The biggest of all rooms, Room #5, is the family room of Altamira Boutique House. It’s spacious enough to cater up to five people. This master’s bedroom also has its own bathtub (which the others don’t!), so it’s truly the best one among the other choices.  

Each room has its own feel, though; and, as you may have gathered, is perfect for different types of people—couples, friends, and families. Should you want to rent the whole house to yourselves, its capacity is for 16 pax and will depend on the availability of the rooms, so better reserve your slot ASAP!  (Each room comes with a bathroom with shower heater.) 

The Entertainment Room

Located on the first floor, the Entertainment Room is where you can mingle with other people. You can watch movies here, play sungka (also known as mancala in other parts of the world), listen to music, and try out other games. As you can see, it overlooks the swimming pool, one of the house’s highlights. 

The Swimming Area

From the look of the pool to the architecture to the number of plants, this is Altamira Boutique House’s very own oasis. Here, you can enjoy the sound of the gushing water as you dip in the pool. The area is shaded by trees and the house itself, so it gives just enough sunlight for you to adore the golden hour. 

The Kitchen

They have a shared kitchen where you’re free to bring your own food and eat. They also have some snacks for sale in the refrigerator in case you forget to bring your own. Every morning, the house butler prepares breakfast for the guests (depending on their desired time) as seen in the picture above. It’s simple, but the royalty treatment makes sipping a good cup of coffee extra special.

The Balcony

If you just want to breathe in some fresh air and soak up a little sunlight, the balcony on the 2nd floor is the perfect place for this. There are tables and chairs for you to relax on as you daydream surrounded by the beauty of the Taal Lake. 

The check-in and check-out time follows the standard 2pm to 12nn. If you have some free time, you can explore the best of Tagaytay, as well. Although Altamira Boutique House is an experience on its own, here are some of the things you can do around the area: 

Eat comfort food

No staycation is complete with good food. Forget about your diet. You are here to enjoy your time, so indulge in some pizza, halo-halo, and more. There are a lot of Chinese, Filipino, American, and more restaurants available in the area. 

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Go bowling.

In the mood for light sports? You can go to this classic bowling alley and play a game or two. I assure you, this bowling center is more aesthetically-pleasing in person than it is in the picture! 

 Take Scenic Pictures

As you walk/drive around the area, you’ll see numerous views like this. Admiring the scenery with your loved ones is in itself already a memorable experience. Be sure to not miss out on watching the sunset! 

Dip in their jacuzzi and detoxify at their sauna.  

Tagaytay has a relatively cold climate. To counter it, going to the jacuzzi or sauna area is heavenly. After a long and tiring day, get a hydro massaged – the best thing ever! To top it all off, enter the sauna and let the steam excrete all the toxins inside you for a healthier and more rejuvenated body. 

At an affordable price, you will get access to a Balinese house and all of these activities (plus many more!) around Tagaytay. What are you waiting for? Book now and experience a vacation you have always wanted. Bali has never been closer to home!  


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Cross your fingers that you’ll be the lucky one to enjoy Altamira Boutique House this summer!- 

Altamira Boutique House

57 Paseo de Alta Mira, Alta Mira Village, Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay, Cavite  



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