Alpha Fitness Club: The Newest Affordable Gym in Taft

Photo by: Patrice Tuyay / Video by: Cholo Isungga (@alterstar)

Taft Avenue encompasses a big part of Manila, but it just doesn’t have enough gyms in it.   

I have been around Taft for almost 5 years now and I can vouch that the gyms available there are, sadly, either too expensive or not properly maintained. Fortunately, a new gym in Taft just opened last November 7, 2017, and it may very well be the go-to gym for the area’s residents. Welcome to Alpha Fitness Club.  

Alpha Fitness Club is run by a group of passionate and driven individuals who are both knowledgeable and respectable in the field of fitness. They wanted to create a space for like-minded people, which led them to open a 3-in-1 studio focusing on MMA, Boxing, and Gym. It’s located just below Quirino Station beside McDonald’s (very convenient and easy to find). 

We recently tried Alpha Fitness Club, and what we loved about it was how complete the gym was for its price. They have two boxing rings, numerous punching bags, and enough gym equipment for lifting weights all for the price of Php100 for walk-ins without trainers! That’s good enough because you get access to all of their facilities.     

The owners said that cleanliness is a priority for them, so that’s also a big plus if you’re looking for a well-kept gym with shower rooms.  

  (Thinking about getting meal plans? Read this!)

The walk-in rate is definitely affordable, but that’s more for those who already know what they’re doing. If you’re still in need of a trainer to guide you first (like me), the rate will vary depending on the workout you’re going for and whether you’re a member or not. (The annual membership fee is Php1,200.) Here are the services they have:  


In boxing, speed is everything; you need to think fast and act faster. This is a good type of cardio because you’ll be training to make your punches to be as quick and precise as you can. With credible trainers (you should see them dribble the speed bag!), you’ll be leaving the gym with sore arms and, more importantly, a toned body.  

If you don’t have any gear, they have wraps and gloves for rent at Php50. Rest assured, the gear for rent there is clean and doesn’t smell bad at all. We still recommend to buy your own, though, so you won’t have to spend additional bucks every time you visit Alpha Fitness Club. (Member: Php300 / Non-Member: Php250)

Muay Thai  

I tried their Muay Thai session and it was really tiring (in a good way). They gave an adequate amount of time sparring with the trainers and perfecting your forms through the punching bag exercises. The extra 50 pesos from boxing are definitely worth it because your whole body will be challenged to move; you’ll be throwing punches and doing alternate kicks, which is harder than it sounds, especially if your endurance is low.    

If you want to increase your stamina and lose weight fast, try Muay Thai. Don’t be intimidated because the trainers will happily teach you the basics at a slow pace until you get them. (Member: Php350 / Non-Member: Php300)


The gym is located behind the boxing rings. They have dumbbells, barbells, and the like if you want to lift after your workout session. The equipment is mostly for muscle-building, but they also have an exercise bike for your cardio routines.  

The walk-in rate only costs Php100 and includes both the gym area and the punching bags. (Monthly: Php1,200 / Walk-In: Php100 / Personal Coach: Php400)

Alpha Fitness Club also has packages for those who go to the studio a lot. They have the Rookie Pack (Php700) good for 3 sessions, the Amateur Pack (Php2,800) for 12 sessions, and the Pro Pack (Php3,800) for 30 sessions. This is something you might want to look into if you plan on working out consistently. Not only will you save money this way; you will also be motivated to consume the sessions you paid for!

What are you waiting for? Achieve those #BodyGoals and welcome 2018 with a bang(ing body)!  

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Alpha Fitness Club

104 Taft. Ave. Malate, Manila  


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