Here’s How Subscribing To A Healthy Meal Plan Changed Me In 3 Months

A few months ago, I was feeling really miserable with my body. Admittedly, when I started working, my habits changed. My days became routinary to the point that I wake up, I eat out or do fast food takeout, I sit in my office chair for nine long, boring hours then go to sleep after scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. I barely had physical activity.

I hated how unfit, lazy and sad I was, and at that point, I knew had to do something about it.

And so, I’ve decided to hit the gym and subscribe to a healthy meal plan care of The GoodBox PH Doing cardio and lifting weights might have been enough for some but then no matter how much physical exercises you do, if you still eat junk, you will still look like junk. For someone who cannot even cook a perfect sunny side up egg, I knew that it would be best to get external help. Lo and behold, my healthy meal subscription was amazing and here are five things that changed in my life ever since I started the GoodBox diet.

5. I learned how to eat vegetables.

Yup, I used to be one of those people who dread green, leafy vegetables. However, with The GoodBox, I learned that they were not so bad after all. Now, I am actually looking forward to salad in my daily meals.

TheGoodBox PH

4. I crave and snack less.

You know how when you were bored and you just wanna put sweet or salty junk food in your mouth? Well, as it turned out, this poor snacking habit was the reason behind my weight gain. Upon sticking to my healthy diet program, my cravings were reduced drastically.

3. I get full faster.

After getting used to my 1,200 kcal diet, I started feeling full faster to the point that even on weekends, it seems like my body knows when I’ve already reached my limit. No more of those “eating just because” episodes.

The GoodBox 2

2. I felt better!

As early as my second week into the program, I felt the change. I no longer feel bloated and heavy. My mood really improved from being irritable to having a positive outlook. To be honest, I actually feel happy and healthy.

1. I looked better!

Yes, I got thinner. My arms, neck and belly got smaller and overall, I look less puffy. Even though I haven’t reached my goal yet, I have made significant improvement. For 3 months, it was not bad at all.

The Good Box PH 5 1

All in all, I was really satisfied with The GoodBox’s diet delivery program. From my first day of subscription and how their in-house RND Nutritionist-Dietitian, Ms. Fia Batua, carefully assessed my body and goal to craft the proper plan for me up to the amazing daily meals under the care of Chef Chrissy, it was a really great experience.

So, will I continue my subscription to The GoodBox PH? Let’s just say, I couldn’t imagine a life without their service. Hope you can try it out so you, too, can feel good and look good!

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