READ: 5 Reasons Why We Love The GoodBox PH

It’s been a month since we started our nutritious diet delivery plan subscription with The GoodBox PH and we must say, it has been a wonderful journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Not only are we getting all the nourishment we need, we also enjoy the meals so much that we are almost always looking forward to every meal.

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In case you’re wondering how diet food plans work, here are five reasons why we love and can’t get enough of The GoodBox PH meals.

5. We don’t need to count the calories.

An effective diet plan means that you’ll have to consume just the right amount of calories that you will need for the day. So yes, it involves a lot of computing and analyzing of each and every food you eat. But hey, with The GoodBox PH, we don’t need to count the calories. No stress and no hassle – we only do the fun part which is eating delicious meals.


4. Healthy eating is finally convenient.

There’s no need to do grocery shopping, wake up an hour earlier for cooking breakfast and fall in really long lines for lunch because The Good Box PH delivers right to our doorstep. Yup, 5 meals per day and 5 days per week, our tummies are happy and well-fed.

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Aside from calorie-based diet, they also create meals depending on individual requirements, preferences and even medical conditions. Hence, they have programs for hypertension, diabetes, gout and the like.

3. We get to avoid over-spending and temptations.

With all the stress from work, it is be tempting to eat out every single day and succumb to the easy-greasy fast food meals. Hence, most of us end up spending and eating more. Not to worry because with The GoodBox PH, we became less prone to temptations and since we have a specific weekly budget for food, we don’t go overboard our spending limits.

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2. All their meals are delicious!

From breakfast and snacks to lunch and dinner, they make sure that we enjoy each and every bite. Plus, they don’t repeat meals so every box is a surprise. Whoever said that healthy food taste bland and unpleasant haven’t tried subscribing to The GoodBox PH yet. Seriously, even steamed vegetables taste awesome! Not to mention, some meals even include burgers, roast beef and sisig.


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1. It is effective!

One month into The GoodBox PH program and our friends have been noticing changes in our bodies. Yes, we lost a couple of pounds and despite eating just 1,200 calories daily, we actually feel more fulfilled. Wanna know why it’s effective? They acknowledge the fact that each individual has their own unique profile thus, they customize one’s diet based on his/her needs with the help of their in-house nutritionist.

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If you’re also interested to achieving your fitness goals or even just planning to live healthier through convenient and affordable nutritious meals, feel free to reach out to The GoodBox PH via thegoodboxph@gmail.com. Please don’t forget to mention When In Manila!

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