Achieve Your Kid’s Dream Room with Kiddi Company

I have always been on the lookout for products that I can invest in for my baby. I want products that can grow with my baby or things that we can reuse even when she’s all grown up.

Kiddi Company started in July 2018 and has been helping parents find the best baby and nursery items at very reasonable prices.

I found out about them when I was searching for playmats. I didn’t want the colorful ones because I wanted to keep a color palette for our bedroom. I found gray and beige mats from them which is perfect for our bedroom. The mats can be assembled to make different patterns depending on your preference.

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One very useful item that we got is the Kiddi Kart. It helps us organize all our baby stuff from bottles to diapers to toiletries and even toys! It also comes in super cute colors so you can match it with your interiors.


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Since you are asking for it… Our sleek, versatile and functional Kiddi Karts are FINALLY here! ? This 3 layered Kiddi Kart can surely hold of your baby essentials. This will surely grow with your kids! From baby needs, to toy storage — use it to your hearts desire! Priced at 2699 per kart. . . What do you get:. – Three layers of roomy storage – All tools (yes we have mini screwdrivers for it! ?) and screws, an instructional manual to help you assemble. – 4 wheels with locks to prevent it from slipping in tiles. You may unlock/lock it if you want! . Available in Tickled Pink, Cloud White, and Dreamy Blue. ? *shipping is not yet included in the price. Message us for any other inquiries and for your orders! We’re ready to take ’em! . Safety Notice: Please assemble this away from your kids due to choking hazards. . . #kiddikart

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Another amazing thing I got from Kiddi Company is this little couch that can turn into a table and chair!

Since my baby is learning how to walk, she can sit on it and hold on to it as she stands. It also comes in different colors so you don’t have to worry about the design.

Playtime has never been so cute with these Kiddi Play pastel balls. You can scatter it inside a play fence or crib. You can also use them for water play to entertain your kid while swimming.

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Aside from these things that I have for my baby, Kiddi Company also has other products for your kid’s room like Kiddi Baskets that you can use to organize toys or as a hamper for used clothes.

We have all the time in the world to play with our kids, redecorate and of course, go online shopping. Kiddi Company can ship your orders during quarantine and you are sure to achieve the kiddi room of your dreams!

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