A Studio Ghibli Theme Park is Opening in Japan!

My Neighbor Totoro conspiracy theory

As if Japan didn’t already have the best of all fantastical worlds (hello Disneyland and Universal Studio’s Harry Potter World), another one adds to the bill: a frickin’ Studio Ghibli Theme Park.

Announced in a press conference by the governor of Aichi Prefecture, Hideaki Omura, the theme park is said to be built in Nagoya City and will open its doors to the public in 2020. I know. That’s quite a wait from now, but think of it this waymore time to save up!

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The park will mainly be based on one specific Studio Ghibli film—the 1988 animated feature My Neighbor Totoro. And since the film revolves around an environmental theme, so will the park. To be built at a 200-hectare site in Nagoya, Governor Omura said that the “construction will be planned around existing clearings to avoid felling trees.” So no, don’t expect amusement rides here, either. But still, a 200-hectare wide Ghibli land???

We’re all in.

What do you want to see at this Studio Ghibli Theme Park? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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