A Long Weekend Itinerary To Singapore

Singapore has always been a place to unwind and to discover new adventures. If you are planning a trip to Singapore soon, here are the places to visit and how much it will cost you.


We usually book our tickets ahead of time, booking short notice will mean you will have to spend a little more than you should have. You can also watch out for seat sales so you can get the most out of your money. We got our round trip flights from Scoot and the experience was like no other. No flight delays, great service, and the trip were smooth. One flight attendant also celebrated her last day so we got to cheer with her for a bit too.

As for the accommodations, we suggest you get a hostel since you won’t be staying in your room most of the time.  We suggest Capsule Pod Boutique Hostel that costs only Php2334.09 for a single bed in a dorm room for 2 nights. The location is near an MRT station and Chinatown so it’s perfect if you wanna go around.

Once you’re set with your flight and accommodations come the nitty gritty. What to do there? Where to go? What to eat? How much you need?

Off the bat, our budget for 3days in Singapore is Php20,000, that is inclusive of the flight, accommodations, activities, food and transportation. You can decrease the costs if you will opt to eat at hawker centres or get discounted vouchers online.

Day 1

Most of the activities for the first day is at Sentosa and it’s also because we want to make the most of our Sentosa Express Train tickets which are unlimited rides within Sentosa Island for one day. As soon as arriving in Singapore, you can just leave your bags at the hostel and you can start your adventure. We suggest you book an early flight so you can still have a full day in Singapore. Our first stop is Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa Island. From an MRT station, you just have to get off Harbourfront where you can transfer to Sentosa Express. So we bought an MRT card for SGD10 and added SGD40 so we can use it for 3days in transport and even food. The Sentosa Express ticket we booked from Klook is only Php154 pesos for the day.

Tip! Make sure to pack light! A small backpack will do!

After a few hours there, you can go to Sentosa Merlion Tower where you get a perfect view of the island and the city. It’s perfect to go there during sunset.

After a day in Sentosa, you can go back to the area of your hostel for some food trip. We highly suggest trying the hawkers at the Chinatown Food Street. You can book vouchers ahead and get coupons to buy food at participating stalls.

After some good food, you can go back to your Hostel for some R&R because it’s another adventure day!

Below is a quick total of expenses that includes the roundtrip airfare, accommodations and all other costs for Day 1!

Time Details Price Notes
11:00 AM Flight to Changi Airport Php 5,400.00 cost for round trip tickets
11:30 AM Check-in and leave bags in hostel (2nights) Php 2334.09 Make sure you don’t leave your passport and gadgets in your luggage that you’ll leave at the Hostel
11:45 AM Buy MRT Card at 7Eleven Php 2,000 Load it with an additional 40SGD
12:00 NN Take MRT to Harbourfront
12:15 PM Lunch at Vivo City Php 154 Tickets are unlimited within Sentosa Island
1:00 PM Take Sentosa Express and alight waterfront station
Adventure Cove Waterpark Php 1,021
5:00 PM Take Sentosa Express to Imbiah Station
5:15 PM Sentosa Merlion Tower Php 482
7:00 PM Take Sentosa Express to Vivo City
7:15 PM Take MRT to Chinatown
7:30 PM Dinner at Chinatown Hawker Street Php 116 Make the most out of your money by checking out all the hawker stores!
9:00 PM Take MRT to Hostel
DAY 1 Total (estimate) Php 11507.09 with flights and accommodations

Day 2

Make sure you wake up bright and early! After a hearty breakfast, we’re off to Singapore Zoo. It’s famous for being an open zoo where animals are not kept in cages.

The ticket we booked through Klook costs Php1,385 and our mobile voucher can be used in the self-service counters to print the actual ticket so you don’t have to wait in line.

The highlight of our Singapore Zoo experience is when we fed the Elephants. Note that there is only an allotted time for their feeding so you might want to ask the guides. Be on the lookout for the animals flying and swinging around the zoo. Some animals can roam free!

If you need a lunch break, there are food centers inside Singapore Zoo so you don’t have to worry. The one we tried was Ah Meng Kitchen, they have really good Nasi Lemak.

After a few hours in Singapore Zoo, you can now go to Sentosa for Universal Studios. Take a bus back to the MRT station then MRT to Harbourfront and onboard Sentosa Express.

Universal Studios is a must-visit when you go to Singapore. Aside from the rides, it’s also where you will be transported to your favorite movies like Shrek, Transformers and The Mummy just to name a few. If you’re faint-hearted for the rides, you don’t have to worry because there are many attractions that will suit you as well. Our Mobile voucher from Klook can be used directly on the turnstiles so you just have to go straight to the park, no more queues!

After rides, shows and shopping at Universal Studios, it’s time for some food! Bugis is known for the hawker stalls and it’s the home of some of the most delicious food we’ve tried in Singapore.

When in Singapore, you have to try Bak Kut Teh and one of the classics are from Founder. We got the food voucher for Php270 from Klook.

So here’s the summary for Day 2!

10:00 AM Breakfast at Toast Box Php 500
10:45 AM Take MRT to Ang Mo Kio
11:00 AM Take Bus to Singapore Zoo
11:30 AM Singapore Zoo Php 1,385
12:30 PM Lunch at Singapore Zoo (Ah Meng Kitchen) Php 500
1:00 AM Go around Singapore Zoo and feed the Elephants Php 200
2:00 PM Take the Bus to Ang Mio Ko MRT
2:30 PM Take MRT to Harbourfront
3:00 PM Take Sentosa Express to Universal Studios Php 154
3:10 PM Universal Studios Singapore Php 2,633
6:00 PM Take Sentosa Express to Vivo City
6:10 PM Take MRT to Bugis
6:20 PM Dinner at Bugis (Founder Bak Kut Teh) Php 270
7:00 PM Go around Bugis Shopping Center
7:40 PM Take MRT to Hostel
Day 2 Total (Estimate) Php 5642

Day 3

It’s the day of your flight back home and I know you’re dreading to go back to work but you can still make the most out of your 3rd day in Singapore!

It’s a chill day, don’t worry. You can see many thing and even squeeze in a bit of shopping when you’re at the Marina area. Gardens by the Bay is located in the Marina area so you can go through Marina Bay Sands and check out some stores for clothes, food and anything you can think of.

As soon as we arrived in Gardens by the Bay, we got a map to make sure we see all the things that they have to offer.

After going around the flower dome, take a break at Satay by the Bay where you can choose from all the stalls on what to eat. We booked our vouchers from klook for Php270 and got SGD10 for food and drinks. The most ‘sulit’ are the satay so make sure you order some.

After lunch, we went to the Cloud Forest to cool off. Don’t forget to check out the uber tall man-made falls.

After that, you can go back to Marina Bay Sands to go shopping and then back to the Hostel to get ready for your flight back home.

Here is a summary of Day 3!

10:00 AM Breakfast at Chinatown 500
11:00 AM Take MRT to Marina South Pier
11:30 AM Gardens by the Bay 850
12:00 NN Go around Flower Dome
1:30 PM Lunch at Satay by the Bay 270
2:30 PM Go around Cloud Forest
4:00 PM Take MRT to Hostel
4:30 PM Travel to Airport
5:30 PM Check-in for Flight
5:45 PM Dinner at Airport 500
8:00 PM Flight to Manila
Day 3 Total (Estimate) 2120

If it’s your first time in Singapore, the above mentioned places are must-see. If you have a little more spare time and money, there are more to see.

So what’s the complete cost for a weekend in Singapore?

Day 1 11,507.09
Day 2 6542
Day 3 2120
ALL-IN TOTAL 20,169.09

Two of our most useful apps during the trip is Scoot and Klook! We got to work strictly within the budget with the help of that!

Special Thanks to Scoot for taking care of us!

Do you have questions and suggestions? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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