A.cian : Asia’s Aces are Ready to Set Up Their Thrones




A.cian’s Se Hee, Chan Hee, Seul Gi, Crooge and Sang Hyeon 



When in Manila, be ready to get HIT by cupid’s arrow and be love-Stuck with this South Korean rookie boy group’s overflowing charms. Last December 27 until January 2, A.cian stayed in the Philippines to woo every Filipina’s hearts. From an intimate dinner with fans and a carefree press conference with reporters during their first day, to an incredible performance in the 4th Philippine KPOP Convention and even going to Laguna, Pampanga and Intramuros to get even closer to their Pinay Auras (their fanclub’s name) while touring and doing a good deed (they visited the local war veterans!) at the same time. These boys sure have their hands full! With their big hearts, talent and a noble-like aura, they’ll surely be able to live up to their name in being Asia’s Ace Musicians. But before that, for those who missed out, here’s an introduction to this new group and the five lovable boys.






A.cian is a combination of the words “Ace of Asia” and “Musician”, meaning these boys’ eyes are set to being on top of the music industry. Their logo is similar to an emblem and the coat of arms of the royal families, giving them an exquisite image that heightens their elegance despite having a bad boy type of song and music video.


So, if these guys are really royalties, who would you choose?



 Seul Gi Presscon



A.cian‘s leader is also their King…. and Queen? The 1987-er Seul Gi is both the group’s father-like fortress and a caring mother who takes responsibility for his members. And he’s not just a role model, he’s an actual clothing model! Full of confidence on and off stage, Seul Gi is the leader not only because he’s the oldest, but rather because he has proven his capabilities with his every answer to the host’s questions, his presence when they perform and the way he always thinks of his members first and foremost. A.cian was recently involved in a car accident, but thanks to Seul Gi, their lives were spared. “Seul Gi was driving when we got into the accident, he maneuvered the car in a way that the members won’t be hurt. In that way the members were safe. If he wasn’t able to maneuver the car properly there’s a possibility that we could have been hurt.” Says member Chan Hee.




Seul Gi taking a photo with Ronneth 



He’s not just a protective leader, he is also considerate to his fans and everyone else outside the group. He even asked if we wanted to have a marshmallow and he really gave one to everyone! 



Chan Hee Presscon



A serious Baron on stage. A really funny Jester in reality. Chan Hee‘s soulful and distinct voice is captivating enough to let the listeners be instantly drawn to him. But his cheerful personality is what keeps them. A friend of mine, Jamie from Manila Korean Times, asked what was the craziest thing he has done. His answer? “I play sad songs and sing like crazy.” Now really, who wouldn’t want him to sing a soothing song that is pleasant to listen to, while he plays like a kid who can make you laugh out loud after. Getting the best of both extreme emotions was never this easy. (Just be sure to keep your sanity intact. 😉 )



Chan Hee Airport

Booing-Booing: Chan Hee Style 



Despite being 4 years older than me, Chan Hee can act really cute and bubbly. He was able to make different faces in a few minutes, and I don’t think he realizes that. His energy is pretty high that it’s actually admirable. He’s pretty animated that makes him very entertaining to watch, he’ll probably do well in variety shows. Chan Hee‘s also friendly and talks a lot, further proving that language is not a barrier when it comes to friendship. 



Crooge Presscon



Crooge has this powerful stage presence when he raps and dances, but he’s actually quite timid during group interviews. (Well that’s what others say, I thought he was actually a bit hyper sometimes.) He can act cute for the camera, but during normal days he can look like a rugged oppa (an older guy) while still keeping a cool and sleek vibe. He also has this dainty appeal when he has make-up on, but without it he suddenly emits a gallant to boyish aura. Like that of a Knight in a shining armor, Crooge seems to have a dual look when he’s in his suits compared to when it’s just regular day. He looks tough on the outside yet can actually be really pure in the inside. (Yes, he has a photo of beer on his page along with some snapshots of two cute furry felines and a colorful gummy hamburger.) :> 



Crooge Airport

 Crooge, again wearing his signature earrings.



And although his stage name may come out strong, “Crooge” actually came from a cartoon character. According to Mirza Barcenilla of Aura Philippines, Crooge was something his dance crew called him – the name suggest that even when he had a difficult time before, he worked hard and eventually won many dance competitions to finally become who he is today. Crooge is like the oppa (big brother) one would have always wanted – a good role model and someone to look up to.



SeHee Presscon



If I wasn’t a singer I don’t think I’ll be doing ordinary things, maybe I’ll do something special.” This is Se Hee‘s answer to one of my questions, on what else he wants to do other than singing. The main vocalist of A.cian (who is also good at dancing) is studying at one of Korea’s top universities as a sports major and according to their stylist, he’s really kindhearted. This multi-talented guy would probably be a Wizard during the Medieval times – out of the ordinary, talented, intelligent and has a big heart. Even after you just met, you’ll instantly feel that he’s a good person. Se Hee is so nice and humble despite being a whole package that it actually feels rare and magical to find a person like him.



SeHee Airport

 Se Hee in his Manila t-shirt posing with Jamie



And he looks extremely good without make-up! His appearance transforms from fierce with all the man-liner to an innocent boy-next-door accentuating his soft features without it. And by the way, I really his t-shirt. 🙂






The maknae (similar to bunso) can pass as a modern Prince Charming, all thanks to the Cinderellas who are chasing after him. Being the youngest, Sang Hyeon has the most noona (older female) fans. And I don’t think both parties mind. He’s really handsome, no one can deny that. But he’s also a total sweetheart who can melt the hearts of his princesses. For instance, when one of his fans asked if she can hug him for the last time he answered, “No… Ill hug you now but this is not the last time.” Sweet right?



 Sang Hyun Airport

Sang Hyeon holding the Pili Nuts (yes, the plastic with unseen content) that Shiary gave him.  



This flower boy may seem cold at first sight, but he’s actually quite delicate and very adorable. Judging from the people he’s close with, he seems like a warmhearted youngster who is always full of smiles. He’s really perfect for the younger brother role, although unfortunately or fortunately (whichever way you want to look at it) he’s still older than me. 






A.cian‘s visit to the Philippines is a lot like getting hit by the love bug and being stuck there for a really long time. And it’s not just the artists, but the whole team – ISS ENTERTAINMENT – as well.



The Manager

 One of A.cian‘s Managers – the awesome and hyperactive Mr. Park!



I don’t know about other Korean managers, but Mr. Park is definitely a unique and precious gem, not only as a talent manager but as a person as well. Just one look and he will immediately make you feel at ease and comfortable like an old friend. He’s so funny, I couldn’t help but giggle at his antics. It must be fun to have a great person like him accompany you. He’s a good example of no matter how far one gets, we still need to keep our feet on the ground. And no matter how serious your job is, you shouldn’t take out the fun out of it. Work that one enjoys is a whole lot more productive after all. And it’s not just him, all of the staff too. I’m quite positive that with people like them, anything is possible. It’s exciting to anticipate more of A.cian‘s future projects.






Right now, A.cian is like a diamond in the rough, there’s still a lot more we haven’t seen and we just have to keep our eyes open to discover their every talent. They’re still young in the industry (around 100 days) and have more to achieve. Day by day they can show how bright they can shine. So When In Manila, be sure to not miss out on these hidden treasures. 😉



 Cute Child

  Like this child, who knows, he might just be the one next in line for the throne. 


Till next time! 








A.cian : Asia’s Aces are Ready to Set Up Their Thrones in the Hearts of the Filipinos