8 Things to Relish from Relik Restaurant

At first glance, the gastronomic revelations that lie within the very relaxing space that is Relik restaurant may be quite hard to picture in one’s head. It is known, since its inception, as a restaurant that caters to the party animals. Those who are reveling in the BGC night life in pursuit of good food, good times, and good music.



Although Relik can still be a warm and fuzzy place for a night cap after work or a chill tete-a-tete with an intimate group of friends, visiting on a lunch hour shows its other side as the ultimate haven of comfort food.



Chef Benjo Tuason and the group owning Relik made sure that they are as timeless and valuable as a treasured relic as they uncovered the latest in their menu items. In no particular order and with a mix of the old and new offerings, here are eight of our favorites from their mouthwatering menu items:


8. Chorizig Classic


Pulutan seekers unite! Bits of chorizo distributed over sisig’s famous pork plus calamansi amounts to a tantalizing experience for the omnivores. This is clearly called one of their bestsellers for a good reason.


7.  Relik’s Nachos

Relishing-Relik-Restaurant-Relaunch-BGC-005-nachos Relishing-Relik-Restaurant-Relaunch-003-nachos-single

They say not to indulge in too much appetizer to leave a large room for the mains. But the temptation is quite hard to resist with this giant heaping of Relik’s nachos. The tortilla crisps are made in-house and not bought anywhere like the usual. It takes a lot of work, in keeping with Chef Benjo’s adage ever since he took his training in Australia: “I would cook with love so that I could serve with pride.”


6. Lime Mojito Mocktail


Lime mojito over lunch is no longer an impossibility, thanks to this ultra cute and yummy mocktail. They also serve it in mango and lychee flavors.


5. Gambas


Spicy in all the right places, Relik’s flavorful take on Gambas will have you going for a second, third, nth serving as we have done during our visit! The shrimps were from their very own farm in Negros and succulently sauteed in garlic in butter.


4. Relik’s House Fried Chicken


Chicken lovers need not worry for they are not forgotten. The crispy and double-cooked chicken with this heavensent gravy just has all the makings of a fried chicks that falls in the not-your-usual-fare category.


3. Slow Roasted Beef Belly


If you are really in for the gastronomic kill, this slow roasted beef belly is a must-try. It is exceptionally tender and the taste of the fresh broccoli perfectly complements the soft and juicy beef belly.


2. Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake


Magic just happened during dessert time. A mashup of milo dinosaur and cheesecake was served, and it was the most sweet and sublime experience I have had this month. It’s a perfect way to cap off any type of food trip at Relik.


1. Grilled Salmon


Clearly there are no words to justify the sumptuousness of their creamy, soft, and perfectly cooked salmon. I will let the picture speak for itself.


In a very busy place like the BGC, it is quite challenging to make a name and stand on its own. But Relik does just that: stand on its own classic favorites and continue to build new menu items that will make everyone drool and keep coming back for more.


Relik Restaurant and Bar

2/F Commercenter Building, 31st cor. 4th, BGC, Taguig
Facebook: RelikManila